I decide

She came to me and told “Today food is no good, bad news aunty”. After some time invited her to eat. She informed “I have finished eating”. I invited again, again and again. Every time she told me something different

  • I have finished my lunch
  • I ate rice
  • I do not like eating rice
  • I do not want to eat
  • I did not like

I just kept on inviting her and only one word “come”. After some time she came and said “I will only take little rice” She took, added dal and lots of salt to make it tasty!!!I And she finished it. I asked her If she need more – she said no! I asked “how are you taking care of your hunger?” She expressed “I do not want to eat alone here, you sit with me”. We sat together, she took one more serving, this time without salt and with little dal.

She finished this too.