I can learn, I am AMABLE

One child in the session began with playing cricket. He naturally moved to reading about it, asking people to teach him and practicingand experimenting by self.

He shared “I practiced my batting skills and made my new steps. Next day I tried spinning the ball in many different ways – front, back, sideways. Next day I practiced my catching skills – throwing, running and catching, far dives and so on. I learnt that I can make my own steps in anything, anywhere. I read about the rules. I asked uncle to teach me spinning ball. I found out that when a ball is spinning and touching the ground how it changes the direction. I could realize how I am catching and running fast, how my body is moving”.

At Aarohi, kids learn what they want to learn and how they want to learn, Many exposure at many different timings, allows them to use this stimulation and exposure in many different forms. The belief is that each child is able , they are AMABLE!!!. They can lead their own learning.