I can, I am Amable

Aarohi means evolving..

One child, 9yrs old expressed “I want to move ahead without any boundaries of objective and MI frame work”. She spoke to parents, we all spoke together. I gave her a different perspective of her decision “this means, you may not be at par with other kids of your age, that means you may work in one area and very less in other area…………..”.She interrupted “I thought about it and I am aware of it, I am fine other children of my age telling me that I do not know divisions, it does not effects me, I know I can learn when I want to”.

The same child is working on making of kitchen and when she had to calculate the number of sheets for a sloping roof, she worked on area, angles and various other related calculations. She did not think that she does not know, all she did was started learning about it 🙂 . She comes to me to take challenge ‘I want to discuss with you to make it challenging for me”.

The same child when she came four years back at Aarohi was apprehensive about self “how can I learn by myself?” I need someone to teach me…………….I do not know. She was apprehensive about her own capabilities, today she is confident of self, she is ready to fly…………..she is able, she is Amable.