I can do it

One 2 yr old took his favourite pillow and lay down in bed,
Another 4yr old snatched his pillow,
2 yr old went and bashed him, snatched his pillow back and again lay down,

4yr old got another pillow and started beating 2 yr,
2yr did not react at all for long time,
4 yr old, kept the pillow next to 2 yr old he also slept.

Me and Namrata were watching this, other kids were “aunty you are not stopping them…………concern in their voices……….. soon all the voices stoeepd – all were oberving them ๐Ÿ™‚

I missed to take video โ€“ missed the beautiful moment of

Child able to fight for his rights
Child able to take decision
Child satisfied with his needs
Child not reacting when not require
Child at peace