I am ok, You are not ok

“You are dumb”
“You are so slow”
“Hey, you piggy”
“You are not a fast runner”
“You got burnt”
Various expressions by kids to each other are commonly heard in conversation among kids. As kids shared “These are the expressions that fulfills many needs like revenge, jealousy, self-fulfilling proficiency or simply fun”.
For example when one says ‘Hey, Piggy’ to someone, then the responses are ‘you are a donkey, this is the way I am, what will you do? mind your language, why are you calling me that?’ and so on
Another example, If someone has two pieces of cake and refusing to share, then our responses are ‘a miser, not sharing, you are greedy’.
This is good news, as this gave us an opportunity to bring as a topic to explore in helpmates. Started with four expressions and intuitively each one wanted to have the first option.
I am ok, you are ok
I am ok, you are not ok
I am not ok, you are ok
I am not ok, you are not ok
But as we all analyzed our responses, we realized that very few responses fall under the first category.
The session was to create realization, no solutions were discussed. Soon after the session, one child who was in a hurry, broke the washing station queue. I offered to wash his plate instead of letting him cut the que. He gave me his plate and was quick to say, “now you are ok, I am also ok”.