I am able – Summer camp 2014


None taught them, we did not plan any activities, we did not tell
anyone what to do and how to do but we all did lot of new things, few
challenging, some boring and some exciting too.

The week began with stimulation on “I am able”. Through group
activities we explored what constraint does, some task looks easy when
began, sometimes it becomes difficult with the constraints. What
assumptions does and just because we have been given a constraint,
what makes us assume that it is difficult. Singing “Janagana man” in
happy b’day tune was funny, difficult …… How does one react to
unusual things or new situations? In any situations it is about the
choices I make? I make my own choices. I choose to cry or laugh, blame
or take responsibility, run or face it.

Well, this set the stage for our self directed learning. We all (child
and faculty) planned what we want to do and how we want to do,
including “I do not know”. “I do not know” was fine and acceptable,
as there was no hurry to start or do anything – each child started at
their own pace, with own understanding and it did not take much time
for all to get into doing – some did to just explore, some did
because they were into it, some did because they liked it.

Here is what some kids shared
I understood that why we need to make grocery list when we go for
shopping. I learned that we need worms as a bait to catch fishes. I
learned how to make Gulab Jamaun. I had fun playing business. We
wanted to go to Anchetty caves, but landed in a temple on a hill. We
climbed 523 steps. I was very tired, but when we reached top I was
excited and explored rocks around, I was over excited with the
exploration. I inferred, explored, experimented, asked, tried and had
lots of fun. I had lost of fun sleeping in the night.

It was challenging for me to make raft I learned that to make a raft I
need knowledge of science. Fishing was sporty. I learned that the old
fashion of fishing was with the fishing rod and now the fashion has
changed to fish with net. I found about cricket kits and new online
shopping websites. In thirty minutes I learned that it doesn’t matter
what work I do, patience helps. I do work with precision only when I
am interested.

In kitchen garden I planted coriander. I did knitting and worked on
making a cover for a dictionary and a grammar book. I researched on a
fire alarm kit. Me and my peers made a drama on a dragon who wants to
get married. We explored how many watts all the electronic devices
take. We all did barbeque. We together read noval on Harsha Vardhana.
I was composing different things such as the drama, sentence,cover for
the book and barbeque.

I read a book on legends of Greek mythology and made a family tree of
the gods in Greek mythology. The family tree helped me understand the
characters in Greek mythology. I researched on “how to handle small
fires”. It was a informative search. Along with my peers I made a
drama on a dragon. I explored adding parody in the drama. I found it
difficult to act like a male dragon. I was clueless on how to act like
a male or how to act like a dragon. I read aloud in literature club.
I came across many new words and I found it difficult to pronounce
them. I planted coriander seeds and I enjoyed planting. I slept on the
terrace for two nights and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of
sleeping on the terrace. I faced my fear by going to get milk from
gate at night. When It rained I felt internally very happy. I enjoyed
the rain. In Barbecue, I marinated vegetable and I cooked them over
coal fire. I enjoyed the experience. I learned a new way of marination
and I learned how to do barbecue. For outdoor we went rock climbing. I
felt so happy on top of the hill. The wind was nice, the rock was nice
and the scenery was nice. I enjoyed the time I spent on the rock. I
was talking with my friends on top of the hill. I talked about my
dreams,wishes and thoughts on me. I felt nice sharing and talking
about stuff. I thought about my dreams. I reflected on my assumptions
and my reaction to unusual things. I reflected about being positive
and open to different people. I learned about Greek mythology and I
became more aware of myself.

This week I did a lot of things like, the first day, I went to the
market for grocery shopping I learned how to shop good vegetables ,
and the next day I did barbeque at night so I learned how to marinate
paneer , potato , capsicum , onion and I had a lot of fun …. then I
all so learned how to make water melon juice, and learned how to make
paneer butter masala …. and my last day was a blast I went to a temple
where I made a very nice friend so the temple helped me to make 1 new
friend …..

This week I had a lot of fun. I made new friends and did lots of
interesting things. I helped in cleaning and watering plants as part
of developing the campus. I felt more responsible and felt I had a
part to play in the maintenance of the campus. We did many activities
like exploring caves on a mountain, organizing a barbecue, and playing
football. I enjoyed this week thoroughly and learned many new things.

I went for stimulation and planned my week. I did different fun
activities. I made terrace ready for me to sleep by putting mosquito
nets and beds. I enjoyed working with more people who joined my team .
I worked on knitting in which I learned to do right stitch and how to
close it . In dance and drama club I didn’t enjoy it so much because
there was no dance in it and I didn’t get any learning in it, I did it
the same way that I already know. I enjoyed finding watts by myself
not waiting for answer to be given by someone so I can note it. It
rained and changed my planning because we had to do sudden rain
management. While exploring natural colours I tried to make it with
egg white and I also am working on retrieving primer from stone to
paint . I explored what is counselling and I found it different.
Barbecue was fun and new. I enjoyed being a explorer in out door and
also taking people for tours. If I want to learn it, I learn it very
fast just like how I learned knitting.

I enjoyed learning about “me and my dreams”. I learned few tricks in
safety drill for self defense. I enjoyed putting nets and beds on the
terrace to sleep in the night. I faced few difficulties in putting
net. I made new net. I learned new words. I played business and got to
know more about business rules. I enjoyed working with another child
on counting. I learned making Gulab Jamun. I was learning punctuation
while I was reading a story. It fun to go for fishing. I learned by
exploring and reading and going to different places. Next week I am
going to work on punctuation and spellings.

From my diary – The fundamental belief “each child is capable”. We
moved ahead and embraced each day with joy and surprises. I enjoyed
working this week thoroughly, sometimes I was feeling tired to keep up
with the energy of the group but pushing myself to flow with the force
of excitement and willingness to do. Fishing Barbeque, Greek
Mythology, making natural colors, making tents on the terrace, making
raft and fishing rod for fishing, trying different recipes, working in
kitchen garden, dreaming together are some of the highlights of the
week. And each week is different, it is never same for me. I worked
on all the topics for the first time and this variety of needs brings
challenges for me a facilitator and I love them all.