I am able – I am safe

Our first open house of the year was aligned with the theme of the week – I am able. I am able to find where all I need to be safe, how can I be safe and what will I do to be safe.
First was brain storming – what is safety & what are the different types of safety we all need to be aware of. Children came up with thoughts on where all there is a need to be ‘safe’ – on the road, in the session, in a crowded place, while working, while using different materials, in the kitchen, my own emotional safety, while playing ……so many places to be safe:)
Next, all surveyed the whole building with a hawk’s eye….every nook & corner was inspected and analysed. And all came back with a list of things and ideas on where all we can be safe and how we can be safe.
Children picked different teams to work, which would focus on areas like Road Safety, Kitchen Safety, Electrical Safety.
So everybody…be safe..next time something unsafe is happening, our young surveillance officers are watching you all 🙂