I am able


I can’t do…do you get this thought in your mind anytime you stuck or face with any problem or face a new/uncomfortable task. We are exploring ’empowerment’ this term. “I am Able”.


We don’t give direct answers

We help by not helping.

We bring challenges.

We ask to think

We ask to fail

We encourage to try

We create unfamiliar works

We leave to ‘figure out’

We give responsibilities to conduct session or job like accounts.

We start with writing 100 questions about a topic.

We ask to stay with thoughts rather rushing to solutions.

And so on…

Ever wondered why?

Exploring ‘I am able’. Some people call it ‘Empowerment ‘. We also call it magic inside Me! We began with our list of “how to empower the kids”. But then we decided to co-create the list with the kids and came up with their own list. Together we made a list of the actions which make us empowered – DoAble, WorkAble, ResponseAble,ImagineAble, ThinkAble, AdaptAble, AskAble, CapAble, JoyAble, AccountAble, LearnAble,ObserveAble, PushAble….together we reflected. Some expressions

  • Together we reflected. Some expressions
  • I understood that I am only limiting my self for only some things so I should try more things and explore more things. I wanna change my attitude of doing things. I am not expressing some of the things so I wanna express.
  • So, this week’s documentation is about “I AM ABLE”. My first is “DOABLE”,Asyou can see, I did chart making this week so if a person hascommoncold or something like that I can give that chart as a remedy for it. So I made charts for the common cold andsoarthroat this week. Next ischess,inthat I tried to make strategies but it didn’t work out. Next is zombie game where I was running from the zombies and hiding. The next is “RESPONSIBLE” the first is petsjob whereI am responsible for feeding the pets and cleaning the slab where I cook. I am responsible for the resources I used in the week to keep back and care and use the resources. Nerf war is also way since I have to find the bullets I use. I am responsible for daily diet since I have to find outpuzzle,law,word. “CAPABLE” is when I ran once holding pepper and I ran the whole way but I also didn’t panic because pepper ran away and lost! But I found him anyway. In “JOYABLE” I want to share that I was excited for Thursday game where we had to domultitasking,andthatto,fast! It was fun!
  • I’m feeling very able after myreflction. I was pushed foraqua, I was workable at mud wall, thinkable in nerf, responsibleclean up, askable in suggestions,tryablecraft, capable everything, do-able craft, see able nerf, imagine able craft, learn able, adaptable.
  • “I Am Able.” According tomeiwas “Responsible” whileiwas cleaning the toilets asihad to be sure thatiam giving everybody a good hygiene.Alsoiused it whileiwas doing bed clean-up which includes sorting of thethings,keepingdirty clothes in washing. The other one is “Capable”whichiwas whilebaking .I was caring about the measurement of the ingredients and also the output should be good.The other one is “Doable” whichiused whileihadmakethe hanging system of name plates. I also used it to balance the tokens while planning time.The other one is “Thinkable” whichiused to think that how willidraw the design for my painting and also whileihad to mix the ratio of thecolours .The other oneiused is “Tryable” whileihad to answer the questions to the guests and also while paper folding as how to make the design in the shape ofroseand how differentlyican make the shapes.I also used “Pushable” whileihad gone for running andipushed myself to runcontinuoslyfor4km .The other one is “Learnable”which iused how canimake warli paintings.I learnt it through the books and also while seeing the paintings. I also used it whileiwas makingbatti. I learnt it byfollwoinginstructions that what are the steps to make them.I also used “Questionable wheniwent to college walk and also able to ask my queries and thoughts about the working of the college. I also used”Askable” by asking Sahana about that how the psychology works and all helps does it provide. I was also able to ask people about the water not refilled in the buckets and also the things not kept in place.
  • This week I feeliam ablehelpsme ipushing myself in different tasks like instichingipushed myself in trying to use the sewing machine and I learnt how to put the thread above and under and how to control the sewing machine while learning how to do itiwas not getting how to put the thread under the sewing machine soitried more butidint get in soitriedobsrevingonce again andigot it.ithink during runningihad to push my self little more orihad todecrasemy speed more and slowly increase it.and while sketching wild flowersicould have tried usingdifferentmaterial ,technique and observed little more.
  • My analysis is that I had so many feeling and abilities in this tiny week. and I am also happy that I was able to finish have of my PMO job and I took the job just recently on Monday this week. Then I also liked the last I am getting back into sketching again. But I am most happy that I followed my planning for the whole week. and I don’t gettoangry in the sports time
  • This weekitoughtchess and even learnt chess tothenimade a bit ofambrotoilet wall with mud and bamboo.i worked on my pushups in mytabataexercise anditried to work on my health and hygiene.
  • My week went fast and Idinthavetrackof time but I somehow I gotlitiletrack of time or else I would think 1 hour like 30 minutes and it was confusing and this week Igot itreducedto I am able so I started with doing work with myself.
  • This weekitoughtchess and even learnt chess tothenimade a bit ofambrotoilet wall with mud and bamboo.i worked on my pushups in mytabataexercise anditried to work on my health andhygineanddocumantation.
  • This is my weekly documentation. I did without my mother and that was really fun. I felt very very very happy that I did by myself. Prapulla was therewihme for painting and it was nice because I now have 2 friends at Aarohi Prapulla and Advay. My painting is nice and shiny. I am now able to draw a tree with branches and leaves. That was like a real tree. It was nice to do digging and putting seeds in Active WE on Friday. Mud was loose inkitchengarden and the mud near gate area was tight and rocky. It was nice to do this all work.