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New Academic year,some new children and new buckets. NEW BUCKETS ????

Buckets are the new advents of our session and we are using these in our day planning.During session, 4 buckets were intoduced i.e SELF DEVELOPMENT,CAMPUS DEVELOPMENT,COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT & CAMPUS WORK, using these buckets we do our day planning.Some children welcomed these new additions in their lives while some had their questions.After introduction of these buckets, there were continous fireworks of questions and some of them were like

  1. How do we choose our goals from these buckets?
  2. Can i choose 1 bucket and work for the whole day or whole week?
  3. Can i choose goals out of these buckets?
  4. Will there be no project time?
  5. When will we do our clean up?
  6. Can we choose common goals from the buckets?
  7. Can i do the same thing through out the week?
  8. Why should i share my plan with my peers?

And so on….

At present we all are at exploring level and as children, i too have my own questions at every stage and i think that the more i do it my queries will get solved. Our whole week was centered around these buckets,some children moved ahead with their understanding while some (including me) are still at understanding these new members in our session .