I am able

It was first day of camp. In the morning, children decided to sleep in the terrace. The whole group was busy taking beds upstairs. One bed was almost 5 kg weight. They took that without labour’s help. I was amazed to see the whole process. They washed mosquito nets, came out with hanging system for mosquito nets, tied them and all of this was finished in two hours’ time. Planning, work division, actual work and clean up, the complete projectwas done by them.

I thought they would be very tired by the end of the day……………No I was wrong, the whole terrace was full of energy. Star gazing, jokes, antakshari and chit chat. The whole environment was full of life. I enjoyed sleeping in terrace with so much of liveliness around me.

It does not matter what kind of work or challenge I am at. If I want to do it, I am able to do it.