How to Stay Productive – Review

The following tips/points are in no particular order

What is a productive day for me? For me a productive day would be when I get a really good training session, workout and maybe a recovery session. Write/make a video about something, Do some sketching or learn something new. Normally if I am at Aarohi I would like to play something else with other people (It won’t matter if I didn’t). These are my criteria for a productive day.

Setting goals
The first thing to do would be to set goals for the month/week/day, What I like to do is make a plan for a few years (I haven’t done this yet) this would help in making your goals/tasks in the present easier to understand and plan. What I am doing right now is I make a very vague plan for the week, Then detail my football-related stuff on a daily basis.

Getting a good nights sleep
The required amount of sleep time for a teenager is 9 hours and for adults 8 hours. If you get a good nights sleep you are automatically ready to get out of bed. You’ll immediately become more productive. When I sleep nicely I feel fresh and ready to perform my tasks, when I don’t I sleep enough I don’t feel ready to perform all my tasks with focus.

Doing a task as soon as you wake up
When you wake up If you perform one task (Like making your bed) your mind tells you to do more tasks just like the one before(making your bed), making you productive. I do it sometimes and sometimes I don’t (It doesn’t matter to me if I do or not).D
what sucks first
In the day if you do what sucks/is hard first your other tasks are going to be easier and fun to finish.
Find things to do in your free time
By free time I don’t mean when you are resting or chilling.What I mean by free time is something like commuting, the time between two tasks or when you have finished your work and you have extra time. This is when you could add something productive like reading a book (Not novels) listen to a podcast, stretch or watch a video which would add value to your life (I watch football related videos, not skill compilations).
Avoid what you know will kill your time
Things like Instagram YouTube and other social media are examples of time waste, but still people waste their time (including me). If you can avoid these during your work time you would start doing things that are on your To Do list. I am not telling you to completely stop it, There’s a time to do everything, that’s when you do it.I don’t necessarily follow all of this but lets hope from now we all can start following this and be more productive.
That’s today’s write-up/blog.