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What does my day look like? Each one of them making a different day for themselves.

Aswtahy 17yrs old sharing “After spending time previously exploring the different aspects of filmmaking, doing some deliberate practice, making short films, and finally doing the visioning exercise, I stopped and asked the question, what am I really working towards? And why? Personal values seemed like a nice place to start, I’ve done some exercises and figured out some values that are important to me: efficiency, keep growing, independence, creativity, spontaneity, inspire and trust. Now I’m trying to make decisions on my goals and stuff based on these personal values. I sometimes spend some time on reflection and resetting my goals. But it’s not like I’ve stopping filmmaking because I’m doing a heck of a lot of reflection and spending time with myself(and honestly I just started doing those stuff), I’ve stopped planning my days for a while, that’s all. Apart from what I’ve shared, here are some things that I’ve done over the past month: bake, play with my dog, chess, keyboard, painting, stitching, video games, anime, and movies(in different ratios) but none of them deliberately or with a lot of planning”

Dhrupad, 16yrd old sharing “In the morning up till 9:30 I do practice with a partner or by myself and I work on my fitness/activation for the knees and glutes (ass): The elements I use are deep practice (focusing on the specific muscle I tighten or put stress on) and rigor (Keep pushing even when it pains).After this till 11 o’clock I have breakfast and do match analysis, read or rest and travel to the ground if I have to, I use self and social development while improving match tactics (by increasing my thinking and decision making).from about 11 to 1 I do my self-practice and workout, I use deep practice, rigor, and set goals on what to achieve in the session. after this I have lunch and rest I don’t think I use any element here.from 2 to 4:45 I have time for reading and writing about football, sketching, reflection, going to buy groceries, making smoothies and attending clubs, etc. The elements here are self and social growth (attending clubs, cooking, and cleaning) outcome, and contribution (in attending clubs and posting stuff on slack) domain intelligence (while working on nonphysical football skills).After all this, I rest for some time (read a book) have something to eat, and leave for practice, then I have team training till 8 pm and I head back home. During practice, I incorporate self and social development, Rigour (physical and mental), and get exposure and do the deep practice.Till 10 pm I take a bath have dinner and do football clubs or go to sleep.”

Skanda 14yrs old sharing “Mornings I have started running or cycling depends on my mood. I used to wake up really late but I started pushing myself because I was getting a little lazy. In this time I start reflecting on different goals that I want to finish in the day. The element I use is self-care and persistence.I spend a lot of hours on music (marking or listening) every day but it also depends on How I am feeling that day because I am still in that stage where I am searching for inspiration. The element I usually use is theOutcomebecause that is the most important thing to me now. whatever research I do I want it to help me to get a great outcome. I also focus on different genres in hip hop when I am making music for example – trap, boom-bap, drill, hard dark, lofi, etc.I talk to a few people about dog training and watch videos on how I can get better.Whenever I speak to people who need help with their dogs I try my best to contribute my knowledge and skills to help them. The other element I use is – focusing on the outcome, contribute to the dog owner. In the evening I go for a walk or spend time with the rats. I train them to make them more social.I sleep by 10:00 I am trying to be persistent with this time to sleep and make it a habit”.

Advik, 15yrd old sharing“Morning till 10 – exercise, meditation, bath, and b’fast. This is the time I visualize what I will be doing during the day, think of the stock to look for..10 to 2- trading observe markets, if it looks interesting to me then trade or else learn new things about trading, also lunch. This is the time where I observe and make my notes and then reflect on what I learned and how the strategy or what I read in news is coming to play in the markets 2to 4:30 – cricket practice, else observe markets and learn CSS or javascript. That is a little bit of a relax time, it is not too much of thinking, if it is cricket then the focus is on bowling the right area for every ball. If cosing it is learning new things do projects l, explore more in that area.Evening till 8 – coding, a market analysis of current day and next day, look at what other people have traded(YouTube videos), read/watch news about stocks. This the summary of the day and plan for the next day, reflect what I could do and could not and plan for the next day, in terms of tradingAfter 8 – dinner and entertainmenTAfter 10 – sleep”

Davin 17yrd old sharing“I start my day from 5:00, first working on my stamina, speed and agility ( I like this time because I’m the only one on the ground at that time) then I practice with a partner or myself working on dribbling and shooting drills than to I play matches with the boys who come around by time, I use deep practice (focusing on how I move my body while practicing a technique) rigor (giving 100% during sets and 100% rest during the break) self and social development (thinking one pass ahead and practicing communication).around 9 I help with house chores, make and have breakfast then an hour of entertainment, match analysis, alone time/thought flow, I use self and social development (learning match situation decisions).lunch and rest.around 2 I do my self-practice working on my passing and touches then workout 1# focusing on cardio, I use deep practice and rigor making challenges to team training starts at 6:30 I use self and social development working on communication, thinking one pass ahead and reading the game, and rigor. on days that don’t have the training I go for a run, do workouts and go for football klub I sleep around 9:30 or 10:00. “

Sreya, 16yrd old sharing “my day starts when I wake up around 5 or 5;30. after I wake up’ i meditate for 15 to 20 mins. then I cycle to my yoga class. I come back home by 8. days when I don’t have yoga class I spend time going for a run nearmy colony or I do something active. doing something active after I wake up gives me the energy to carry out my day and it also makes me feel energized. Then I have breakfast and then I get ready for dance class. my dance class starts at 9:30 and by the time I come back home, it’s 12. after that, I rest and relax for half an hour by either reading a book or scrolling through my phone for some time, or listening to songs. then I help my mom with her chores. then I have lunch. after lunch I practice Carnatic music for an hour or sometimes more. I use deep practice here. I focus on perfecting the swara stanas [notes] and practice basics, then i move to practicing varnams and krithis. i finish my practice around 3 ish. around 3:30 I start practicing veena for almost an hour and a half. I focus mainly on fingering techniques and speed. these 2 are the main aspects I keep in mind while I practice. after that I go out to play for some time or I spend time with my family. then around 6 I spent around 45 mins in practicing the violin and then I have dinner. after dinner I spend time reading.then I do a small reflection on how much I practiced and what needs to improve or what more I should add to my practice I also do a reflection on how much emotions were during the day. and then I prepare a to-do list for the next day. then I spend time talking to friends and catch up on other stuff. and I go to sleep around 10, 10:30. this is how a typical day goes by but some changes here and there happen according to the situation.”

Shikha, 13yrd old sharing “I don’t really have a flow it depends on the day and my mood.I do roughly have an idea on what I’m doing that day but it’s not exactly like a plan.I have set targets for the month and each day I try to get closer to the target with small steps.My day roughly starts off at 6:00 I get ready and I do some fitness, running or cycling then I try and help my mom with the housework,after that I have some breakfast and I get ready, then my parents and me have a small talk about yesterday’s reflection, we talk about today’splan and targets, we also talk if we have to do something together like me and father coding and my parents making soap. Then we wind up by 10:00 am and all of us move on with our stuff.I do as I have planned throughout the day and take a few breaks for meals. In the evening I hang out with a few of my friends, play badminton…At the end of the day, I spend some time to myself just thinking and reflecting and just letting my thoughts flow, then I jot themdown and do some journaling.Some of the days, as a family we have a listing circle where we talk about various things like self-development how we can help each other in daily life and do things together, integrate, we talk about projects that we have to work on, and what we have to do to reach the target. We also talk about how we can give our gifts to the world and talk about giving and receivingoverall a lot of reflection and plan on various aspects.A few things that I do throughout the week – I do a lot of coding with my father and we both are learning a programming language called Julia,I do some ocarina and a course on music theory. I bake occasionally, Odissi is one of the things,I write a blog every week and post it on my website and anything else thatI find interesting like helping my mom mix aloe vera gel (it’s very satisfying) !”