Young Leader

Are you looking for a place to let your child explore his or her Leadership qualities?
Then, welcome to Young Leader, a program filled with stimulating, challenging and experiential activities that are enjoyable and exploratory for your child!!

I am a born leader:
I already have success characteristics within me.  Like self esteem, confidence, decision making, problem solving skills et al.
I only need opportunities to meet myself using these qualities and reflecting on the experience. 
Please go through this presentation which highlights the key aspects of Young Leader program:


In Young Leader workshop,  

  • I get live experiences, exposure and exploration of Leadership qualities like
  • Planning, Goal Setting, Decision Making, Problem Solving, Team building, Resourcefulness, Responsibility, Adaptability, Initiative, and so on... 
  • ...through,
  • Case Studies, Role Plays, Simulation Games, and Activities 
  • that open up my voice, body, expression and mind...

Young Leader Workshop is...

  • Purely Xperiential,
  • Gives space to draw me out and Taps my inner potential.
  • Opportunities are...
  • Camouflaged as Problems or Challenges (just like in real life.),
  • Automatically arise in a session (because of group dynamics), or
  • Simple Activities that create challenges.  

We move a stack of chairs as a group without using our hands.
Such a simple challenge – would lead to a whole lot of experiences – like – initiative, problem solving, creative thinking, planning, communicating, working as a team, resolving conflicts, perseverance, handling unseen problems, coordinating and building consensus and so on. 
Typically an activity like this would be followed or interlaced with multiple debriefing sessions. 
Projects sprout from amongst the children. An activity, an idea, a discussion, a conflict – all of these have a potential of blooming into a project. The facilitator escalates one of these into something that the children work over a series of days – with a bigger vision – that becomes the project.