Why Homeschoolers consider Aarohi?

We started our Journey with Homeschooling, or rather uschooling our daughter in year 2008. Few of the concerns we had, which we have realised are common amongst many homeschoolers:

  1. Enough peers for the child to interact and work with - the huge value of group and peer learning.
  2. Enough variety of resources
  3. Enough exposures to different kinds of contents
  4. The child getting facilitated by the same two adults (parents) most of the time 


Which is where Aarohi was born - a combination of unschooling (or open learning) and community living. 

Aarohi is not only open for any kind of learning, but also open to learners using Aarohi in different ways - here are some examples that would interest Home-Schoolers:

  • Child coming to Aarohi part of every month and staying at home rest of each month (say two weeks each month)
  • Parents (both or one) joining the child during stay at Aarohi - so you stay in Aarohi as a family - again this could be for any combination of weeks and months. This is specially suitable if you have younger children who would not like to stay at Aarohi alone.
  • Child and or parents coming to Aarohi when we have special events / special weeks, Eg: Last year some specials we had, with experts visiting during those weeks were Language week, Space (science) week, Music week, Art week, Electronics week, etc and recently (in May) had a movie making workshop.
  • We are also open to families who would like to join the aarohi community as a family and live here for extended time (anything from few months to few years)
  • Obviously - the choice of child joining Aarohi for the full year (as a regular child) and you visiting and staying whenever and how much ever you want - is definitely available and is normally the default choice of older children (9+ years).


Please note every adult who comes and stays in campus adds value - not only to their child but to all Aarohi children's experience, exposure and learning journey. So we are always greedy on having more people coming over.

If as a homeschooler - any of the above excites you - talk to us, visit Ocampus and together we will work out what is best for you, your children and for all Aarohi children.