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 Fireburner on OPEN LEARNING


Next session is on 10th March, 2019, Sunday morning - 11am-1pm

 We prefer choices - in food, in clothes, in houses we live in, even when choosing spouses and yes in careers - but strangely there is hardly any choice in education. We blindly follow the current conventional schooling and college. I agree there are choices of schools / colleges - but that's still the same education framework for all - its like having Dosa in different restaurants. Its pretty much the same.

We are not trying to say that the current education is not good. We are rather inviting you to explore a totally different kind of education we can offer to our children. We're saying you have a choice.

Interestingly, open learning is not something new for all of us. When we were toddlers and before we joined a preschool or school we were doing open learning. All of us since we finished all of our college education are doing open learning. Strangely in between, from say 5 to 25 years we were schooled.

But open learning for this age education is another option. Join us for a 90min online session to understand what is open learning or unschooling or open education and what beholds a child and parents who embark on this exciting journey.

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