What past participants say?

Parents, teachers, aspiring teachers, home schoolers, just graduates, grand-moms, edu-entrepreneurs, coaches, counselors, doctors ... we have had all kinds of people attending Jagriti and TTT since 2001. Here are some testimonials - see videos on on the right or read their messages.  


Nirmala Balasubramanyam


Srimoyee Bali


Srimoyee Bali a mother of a 5 year old is one such. She says she faced the “usual parenting issues with my daughter, like  fussy eating habits, doesn't want to go to school, how to deal with tantrums, disciplining and so on”

But she decided to take initiative. She did TTT.



I have successfully completed my two week practicals. I enjoyed every bit of it. It was a wonderful journey of myriads of emotions and lots of learning. My first week was a lot of learning about how I could bring the best out of the chilldren without me doing nothing. But the next week I was completely with the flow, connected with each one of them. I had fun every day. 
 My visit to Aarohi helped me a lot in knowing about Aditi and Ratnesh and their ways of dealing with children. I am glad I went there before I started my practicals. It helped me a lot to adapt the concepts with the children.
My best wishes to each one of you for the practicals. Just have fun. Youl be amazed as to how kids can come out with such creative ideas and how forthright they are with their feelings.

Priya Talreja

During the course of dcs,in 2011/12,I came across ratnesh's class on empowerment,that class left such a big impact on me as a parent ,I decide to join ttt program by genie kids immediately after completing my dcs.Its was an experiential program,where you are actively participating ,challenging your thinking, unlearning and learning, new ways at looking at self ,.others and worlds at large.it helped me to evolve as a parent ,facilitator and the diff roles I play........its a program on self awareness and self growth and in the end u come out to be skilled facilitator ,parent more in tune with self.

thanks amabke (genie kids :-)


I am writing this to you with so much of satisfaction as i was elated to be a part of this TTT program with you all . It not only made a way for me  to be clear about my goals but also made me aware of myself  and overcome all my negativeness by realizing the facts. This TTT program helped me open up more as i was a timid person earlier..Though most of the times I used to hesitate to share my thoughts still I am very happy that I am now atleast aware of it. This awareness helping me to think about more choices.  This is my first participation in a workshop with a group. I was never involved/participated in such. Initially I was bothered thinking whether I could cope up with my fellow mates in the team or not that too in a new place.. but in a matter of day or two I started connecting with you all. ..It was soo fun.. I learnt so much from you guys. everyone was soo encouraging. I look up to everyone over here..

I will miss all the chitchat in the abhiyan sessions .. I will always cherish these moments. i will be in touch with all of you . Hope everyone makes big in your life and all the best for your future endeavors. I will miss the potluck party on Monday . enjoyy guys. Do click photos and share with me..

Thanks a lot  for amable Team for the AKSD policy which made me push myself to come out of my village without thinking about the financial issues and do such a course.

Girija Mukesh

i would really like to thank geniekids for making me realise the power of talking to children. Initially I used to be think talking will not make any difference with children. But then i thought let me give it a try and I realsied it was helping me.

But I really realised the importance of how talking was helping me personally when My son of 3years had to go in for a
CT scan. The doctors told me you need to put him to sleep or give him a slight sedative for which I just asked them give me 5 mins.

With my child in the CT scan room and believe me I was scared seeing those instruments but i made up my mind to be strong and showed him the machine and explained to him what the doctors are going to do to the point. My little one only asked me "Mama I should not move thats it".

I was really happy that one hurdle was solved. My little one for the 5 mins that he was under scan kept still but closed his eyes also. The doctors were also surprised
POWER OF Talking!!!!


“Immensely motivated by the course ... it has taught me so much more than what I've learnt over my xxx no of years. Informal, relaxed and friendly ... fantastic.


Your style of taking the course was flawless, as clear as crystal. The harvest has reaped the best yield. These tools will help us to avoid wastage and good usage of our knowledge and all that we gained by TTT

Mini Menon

It really opened me up inwardly. I try to change my beliefs, disassociate with negatives.

Swetha Gautham

Excellent! I enjoyed every bit of it. It was a very comfortable atmosphere and put everyone at ease. Left us all asking for more and wanting to learn more. I had given up reading, writing and thinking a long time ago. TTT has put me back on track with all the things. I enjoy doing the most. Thank You!


Great process – very “student” oriented.


I’m feeling that I changed a lot. I am feeling more confident whatever things I am doing.


Simply Amazing!!! Loved every moment of it.


I was searching something like this for the last 2 years. I feel so happy and confident that GenieKids has started such a course.


I really enjoyed the course. It really set me thinking in many areas. You gave just the right kind of stimulus – not too pushy/ not too vague – just enough!


The entire 30 session and interactions have been a learning but if i have to pick the disciplene without punishment, all intentions are ok, most importantcy that u don't have to love kids to work with them!
I loved it, we are so conditioned to class room teaching that this was a welcome change!! its managed to make me introspect myself and also changed my mindsets. Geniekids came in at a time when i needed it the most, so in whichever way i can give back i would love to!!


I enjoyed the way it was done, i would have liked the course to be more long duration, enjoyed it throughly, now i feel a vaccum there. I was very sceptic about this course but i feel many of my windows open, time and money well spent.

Manisha Karkhanis

Learnt about beliefs, understanding, feelings, acceptance, changing the way things work,looking at children with diffrent prespective and understanding them and their behaviour. Session were perfect, especially then session on discipline and maths were excellent. I have achived what i had in mind when i joined the course, the course as a whole is too good, wish i had done it earlier.


Learnt about understanding the kids, people, think diffrently, design, learning style, learning using bloom's how self esteem can be developed. The style and the process adopted is simply amazing, I am dumbstruck ....I am in total AWE of it. I am sooooo glad that i did this course, the course has highlighted me, emposered me and created a diffrent personality of me, diffrent understanding of learning, teaching, enjoying with my kids and kids around more than i used to.


First of all let me congratulate Aditi and Ratnesh for organizing this workshop on effective strategies for discipline during the session. As I was reading the document that has been sent to us on the above subject, there was only one thought that came to my mind . It is my great pleasure and privilege to be part of the great Genie kids family ,the leadership which is doing so much in the field of child development and learning. It was but a natural feeling for me to silently wish that our country had more such learning institutions for children so that we could have given our children a better tomorrow and let them grow into responsible,free and peace loving citizens of a great country.!!!!!! KUDOS Geniekids. Thanks and warm regards – Harini

Manjula Bijoy

Empowering...Enriching...Enabling...Eye-opener :-) Wish all children were lucky enough to have a parent who learnt this course! 

How it helped me:  I used to operate from a very rigid set of beliefs in interacting with children...I believed also that it was a very positive set of beliefs, but this course helped me to develop more flexibility, acceptance and made me approach things with a more open mind which I find is much happier for everyone including myself!

About doing classes online (webclass): 95% of the course went very smoothly...only 5% was affected by technical (network) problems which I'd say is much better than experiencing the whole commuting issue , that is for people in Bangalore. For those in other cities this is the only way of taking this unique course. It is a good learning experience getting to know how e-training is done. You need power backup and a fairly reliable broadband network. Otherwise all the software is easy to use and free to use. The trainers are very patient and helpful! We had fun during the class, lots of offline chats and jokes just like a regular classroom, one good aspect was you could read the transcripts and understand discussions even AFTER the class.

About doing practicals in my city: I have done a summer camp for primary school kids which was well received. I could never have done it without the learnings from OTT and huge amount of help from Geniekids! Am planning to start classes for children from home which meets my requirement of a stay-at-home, parttime at the same time creative job which will include my small kids as well. Also hope to do more courses from GK!



I have found a wonderful change in my thinking and approach . Somewhere it is influenced by Genie Kids TTT program – Mahalakshmi


I wanted to be a teacher back in France and I need your reference letter to enter in the school - just to tell that I've been following your training.
Thank you very much and thank you for this good training.


"Few words" to aspirant candidates: This program may change u inside out, turn u upside down.....and u will enjoy all that....u will be disturbed...confused......sometimes
restless......sometime u would want that class should be on everyday so
that u get peace.......and realise that solutions are within u.....Your
awareness about urself will increase, and in turn u will allow ur kid
to become aware of himself.......It will let u think if u are assisting
the chilld or interefering the child....n u will learn to ask many many questions......:) , and draw many many mind maps....it will change ur look n feel....meaning u will stop worrying abt look n start getting closer to feel.

 Do not miss a single session, u miss a lot in one session...even in few mins....


After TTT Personally 
I have become relaxed.......

Using beliefs to benefit and breaking those which are interefering.....using choices n giving choices to the others too......

am actually using thinking skills to analyse my problems. I was most
confused on this topic, but its the one I am using most.......and HOM
is something where I need to learn more , its still a confusion and i
still feel consciously incompetent in dis area.....many things are not
still clear n feel the need to understand it more, to become more aware
of myself....

feelings part I have almost become unconsciously competent....and now a
days i find myself using it with everyone, myself, kids n adults

have solved many more personal problems which had very deep n painful
hurts....and now in fact i think, it was good that all that

came to know about NLP for the first time thru geniekids and now a days learning that too......

Genie Mom Mashi.

Geniekids has made, is making and am confident that it would continue to make a satisfactory difference in my life. The impact that Geniekids has created in me is, that the name 'Geniekids' has become a permanent fixture in my mind. All the sessions that I have attended in Geniekids as a parent, as a trainee and as a faculty continues to nourish & develop- Awareness & Acceptance in me which makes me stay cool and contented amidst all the hurdles that comes my way day in and day out. I can never forget Ratnesh's teachings on the consequences of creating one's own self image. Circle time is practised at home (my better half, my daughter and I) as and when required, which plays an important role in the better bonding of our relationship. Thanks to Geniekids for it has taught me to handle my teen daughter efficiently(My daughter's friends appreciate the rapport between my daughter and me).

Mahalakshmi C N

‘World would bloom with genies if there is a genie(genie mom or genie pop or genie child) in every family’.


One of the most important things i have got here was ' all intentions are positve' very profound, all emotions are ok, emphasis things, constraints blossoms creativity... there are loads of things!!
Lots of depth, apprciate the way the assignments are designed, hope we had more discussion session and additional session on drama.

Asha Bhaskar, Teacher at Shishugriha

I think I have gained a lot from the TTT session ( i was from the first batch). I try to use as much as possible during my interaction with both children and adults. I cannot claim success on all accounts but at least I feel I tried my best!

As an outcome of what I learnt I decided to take part in a teachers and principals seminar organised by India International school on 6th September (teachers Day) at which I presented a paper titled " Motivating the reluctant Learner ". Much of what is in the paper I attribute to my learning at Geniekids. Incidentally I also won a cash prize for the paper!!


I like the informal settings and way of facilitating, creating and experimenting concepts through simple materials, i wcould have gained more if each day presentiaion is given in printed from, initially i thought i will be trained to be a trained but this is diffrent. Diffrent thoughts, process, for many this has given new perceptions keep it up!!




I learnt here more about myself and how i interact with children, i wish you had more topic on respect, the teaching style is very intresting, first when i came here i thought i entered in a new world where i don't know about myself, Ratnesh and Aditi gave me more knowledge about myself. Thank you for your teaching and sharing more information about everything.

Meera Santosh - 10 TTT

After 10ttt session, I try adopting some lessons learnt fm the course. Currently I take carnatic music classes at a music school and at my home. Some methods I have made is 1. Ask them to compose their own notes within the given scale and make them sing
2. Copy the class lessons themselves
3. Give them a chance to correct their singing by questioning where the notes went wrong
4. Give them fishes
5. Relate music to maths and ask them to work out the counts for the talas-this they enjoy
Well, hope I do justice to the classes and your teachings

Anjali- 11 TTT

Every session was useful. each session was eye opener.
TTT- was amazing,wonderful,it was mind opener, it has changed my belief,it has changed my approach towards my son, my family members, even towards me.,i would like to say to Each parent and teachers must go through this course.


Its been a long time since I've gone through something which has "provoked me" or raised fundamental / radical thoughts. Its been an expereince I'll cherish all my life.


Mail by Trupti, TTT, ex- faculty khoj

i would also like to share something with both of you. 
In the TTT class i got familiar with concepts like beliefs, self esteem, self confidence, trust, respect, empowerment, etc. i brought all of that into practice by making one decision and also successfully executing it yesterday! 
We sent Ashwin all by himself to pune by flight from Bangalore. It was a difficult decision to make, but due to the constraints put by the hospital (they do not allow another child apart from the patient), we had to send ahswin to his grandparents' place. We also did not have enough time to ourself go and drop him there as we go to hyderabad tomorrow.
We prepared him for the journey, gave him my mobile phone and said good bye to him at the gate of the airport! Kingfisher provided excellent service and most importantly ashwin managed himself very well throughout the journey and reached safely. He enjoys the flight journey but that he became ready to go all by himself without us was a big and commendable thing for him and for us.
he will surely carry this experience with him all his life long.
thanks to you both for such a wonderful programme like ttt which has helped me to evolve as a person and which has given me confidence i lacked!

Srinivas Reddy

The TLC program was by far the most valuable training program I have attended in the last several years. Participating in the program entirely online in no way diminished the value or involvement and if anything I feel the teaching techniques helped me focus better than I would have focused, if I were actually sitting in the class room.”

Harini -TTT

This mail is to share my joy and gratitude to you . Ive accepted an offer as a volunteer to  empower children of an NRI based Orphange situated on Bannerghatta road .The institute which has a CBSC school for these children attached to it is run by disciples of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and the founder of it is a doctor who has returned from the US and most of the fundings to this institute come from that country.They have an excellent libraryand Science lab too attached to the orphanage. A couple if IT companies send their volunteers on weekends to conduct classes other than academics.I would be conducting Personality Development based activities for them including Yoga ( only on Sundays).Most of them can speak english too.Quite of few of them have great vision for their lives and it pained me to see that some of them had very low self esteem.I took a session with them and they have were noticeably thrilled and excited to be approached in a ' NON CONVENTIONAL ' manner (Thanks to TTT!!) and my own approach, devoid of sympathy but rich in ' EMPATHY'!! 
This venture is a 'Dream mission' for me as it has always been my childhood passion to work in some way for the underprivileged children. It appears to me now that I was destined to do the TTT programme to fulfill my lifelong vision. 
I hope and pray that I will do justice to the role Ive accepted in bringing these unfortunate children to the mainstream society, taking forward the Geniekids TTT vision of empowering children thereby fulfilling the mission that Ive undertaken in my life.