training at aarohi

We don't actually train people - we untrain them.

We get parents, aspiring teachers, teachers, edu-entrepreneurs and learners of all ages to alight from their train of beliefs, knowledge and perspectives.

We push, pull, shake, churn, confuse and agitate them. Just, so that they don't remain the same. Just, so that they discover many different beautiful windows. Just, so that they don't ask for solutions, but dip into their creativity to cook new dishes.

Just, so that they feel empowered to empower children. 

You will benefit from our training if you are

  • a parent who wants to make parenting deeply enjoyable
  • a teacher who wants to make teaching redundant and get children to start doing the learning
  • a person who thinks (or wants to work with the belief) - that children are am able

Currently we offer JAGRITI as an intensive course most recommended for parents or teachers - See details of Jagriti