Theater Magic

Please go through this presentation which highlights the key aspects of Theater Magic:

A more detailed write-up about the program

Confidence, creative thinking, expression skills and fun are important benefits of theater. 

To make this happen - the key ingredients of Theater Magic are - innovative, interactive, and spontaneous form of expressions.

In Theater Magic - Each child is the HERO, each child is his/her own director and each child explores and expands his/her own capability to think.

Theater Magic essentially is a process of extremely enjoyable activities and exercises that build strengths from inside - great to build self and social skills and confidence.
The key obviously is the process - and not the show. In fact the show is just an end – for us the child going on the stage is not important – but the child is himself a stage – a constant presentation of ideas, thoughts, innovation and emotions.

Layered set of activities – over the weeks of the program - build on making the child explore the inside (beliefs, thoughts and feelings) and invites them to present these via multiple forms – like expressions, body-posture, props, actions, interactions with team members and finally spoken words, songs, music, et al.

Children essentially are constantly exploring both their thoughts as well as various ways of expressing it. The various games, activities and exercises – which are loads of fun – essentially make the children do the following:
  1. Become aware of own feelings, body, actions and thoughts.
  2. Become aware of others' feelings and actions.
  3. Think differently – generate multiple perspectives. See situations, things, people and even oneself differently.
  4. Work as a team - perceive, understand, respond, build and enjoy together.