Resource Volunteers

We like people to come to Aarohi and inspire us with your passion, our expertise, and your life story.

The idea is simple. Education is all about interacting and learning from others​. When children and youth experience how you are ​value adding to the Cosmos, ​​they can make a difference - in their life, in others life, to planet earth.

​We at Aarohi are always excited when people are willing to share their expertise, their passion, their JOURNEY. At Aarohi we do not necessarily expect a formal​ workshop - rather do and share something that you are passionate about. So at campus you focus on 'doing' your passion - and children learn with/from you. The focus is not to teach, but to be available for children to connect in different ways.

​You can come for a day, few days, a week or few weeks ... you may just like the Aarohi open campus and its community and would like to stay more!​

We believe inspiration from diverse resource people is the most valuable educational treasure chest we can give to each child.

We are looking for Resource Volunteers with specific skills in the following areas. If you have reasonable expertise in these areas and would like children asking you to teach / work with them (not in a 'class', but informally) then consider:

1. Music - Instruments like Guitar, Ukulele, Violin, Flute, and percussion instruments

2. Art (and craft) - Like painting, murals, graffiti, sculpture and craft of different kinds

3. Sports - specially Football (soccer), slackline, frisbee (ultimate), volleyball, kabaddi, etc.

4. Movie Making (and photography)

5. Science Projects - Making stuff that works - machines / electronics / carpentry etc

As a bonus you can also get involved in all the activities at campus and our ecologically sustainable living campus projects - which include various construction projects, gardening and natural way of growing own food, etc. We are completely off-the-grid using solar energy and recycling all our water.

Since we all live like a community - in one building - you will share space with all of us. We have dorm kind of accommodation - bunker beds - one for each person. 

We provide free accommodation and food for all volunteers.

Since children live at campus - full day is action time - we live together - so we take care of the campus together - clean and maintain it ourselves. We also cook, sing, dance, watch stars, go for treks, etc and yes chat a lot. So when you are here - you can expect action packed days!

Please note, Aarohi being a charitable trust is not able to bear the cost of professional fees/remuneration or any travel/transportation cost for any resource person. However, we would love to host you at the campus and take care of your food and stay when you visit us. 

For more details on your visit - pl see Visiting O Campus