list of Teacher workshop topics

Workshops that make Teaching more effective & exciting
  1. Multiple Intelligences* - Using MI to make classes more interactive & interesting
  2. Learning Styles - Understanding Learning styles and how we can maximise learning using this understanding
  3. Thinking Skills - What are they and how we can use them inculcate them through our classroom
  4. Active Learning * - Methodologies to make teaching more interactive, involving & more meaningful
  5. Cooperative Learning - How to get the get best out of peer to peer interactions and to multiply learning using groups
  6. Organizing Learning -What to use where - to enable effective understanding and recall.
  7. If they're laughing-they're learning - Effective strategies towards Using humour in classroom
  8. Understanding and working with Higher order thinking skills
  9. Developing and using Creativity in learning
  10. Using Art, colour, clay & sand for effective learning
  11. Using Theater for effective Learning
  12. Using Music for learning
  13. Language Development in Early Childhood / Middle School*
  14. Making Mathematics more meaningful
  15. Brain based learning & Study Skills
  16. Using Story telling / doing in learning
  17. Understanding Activity Design
  18. Using Experiential and Integrated design
Workshops for Understanding Child
  1. Understanding Emotional needs of a child
  2. Working with acceptance and Intentions
  3. Understanding and Developing high Self esteem
  4. Developing Life skills or success skills 
Workshops for Effective Classroom Management
  1. Cooperation - Effective Methods to solicit cooperation from children in the classroom
  2. Disciplining in the classroom - Alternative to punishment that work
  3. Communicating to motivate children: Bring the best out of students by simple changes in our communication
  4. Circle Time - using group dynamics for learning
  5. Creating stimulating yet enjoyable physical, Mental and Emotional environment in the classroom
Subject Specific Workshops
  1. Spellings * - Strategies to enable children to learn write and remember spellings correctly
  2. Science is looking, doing, concluding * - Let each Science class be an active exciting journey for children. Experience science all around you through activity based workshop.
  3. Language Development – the natural way – Joy of knowing and using a language is the key to learning the language. Geniekids approach is to simply follow the natural way in which we use the language and learn it on the go.
  4. Make Maths a pleasure to teach and exciting to learn* - Activities that connect Maths to real life.
  5. Unravel the Mystery of History - If History is exciting is what you want the children to say, this workshops shows you simple but extremely effective way to make history fun.
  6. Geography is all around us * - A workshop which shows teachers how geography is best learned through events, landmarks and experiences all around us.
Teacher (Self) Development Workshops
  1. Discovering one’s potential as a teacher
  2. Developing effective Facilitating Skills
  3. Conducting Effective Sessions
  4. Developing and Adding MY creativity to my teaching
  5. Developing communication skills that make teachers more effective
  6. Frameworks of my mind - helping me relax, enjoy and give the best to children.
  7. Becoming the favorite teacher of children
Some workshops are designed differently for different age groups.
Above is only an indicative list, workshops can be conducted to meet specific needs of your school. 
Duration of workshop is typically 3 hours – but can be dependent on topic and can be customised to your school's needs.

Handouts will be provided to all participants