Jagriti - Fees

Jagriti program works on contribution basis. This means several things:

  1. Most importantly, finances should NOT be a constraint for people to attend the program.
  2. People contribute as per the value they derive from the program

The indicated contribution* for the Jagriti program is Rs 10,000/- 

However, this is AKSD - Apni Khushi Se Doh (translation - Give as per your wish)

What you gain from the course is our gift to you.
What you give us (contribution in terms of money) is your gift to us.
Obviously you can give us other gifts too - like sweets or chocolates :-) or blessings or talking about the program so much that the whole world knows about it ... etc.

So the above contribution indicated is not the value of the course. You can gift us how much ever. You can give us more than this amount - in which case it will be a gift to people who cannot afford this cost.

You can pay us Rs 10/- or even Rs 10 Lakhs/- ... actually any amount from zero to infinity;) We will gladly accept it - no questions asked. You can pay in advance, or during, or immediately after the sessions or much later or even in installments. You may even wake up one morning after 5 years and realise how much our programs and workshops helped you and send us a big fat cheque :-). Or you may simply forget us. Either ways we will remember you, always, for giving us an opportunity to interact, learn and grow with you!

* Typically some part of the contribution is paid in advance - just to show your seriousness about the course. So can pay the whole indicated amount or you can pay in installments or you can even ask for refund later - anything goes.

Account Name: Aarohi Life Education Trust  

Bank: Indian Bank
Account No: 6042702189
Account Type: Current
IFSC Code: IDIB000N066
Branch: New Tippasandra, Bangalore - 560 008




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