Jagriti FAQs

Below are some of the frequently asked questions. If your question is not answered here - please shoot us an email.


Can we have a morning or afternoon batch (late evening batch does not suit me)? 

Since we work with children in day time, morning / afternoon timings do not suit us.

Also late evening batch allows more people to attend (working people).

So right now that is the only time slot where we can conduct this program.

If by change you miss part or whole session - you can always see the video recording of the session (see FAQ below)

I have a small child, late evening is child's dinner / sleeping time, how do I attend? 

 Please note there are many parents (specially mothers) who have attended the late evening Jagriti program with toddlers / young children at home.

No 1 - pl note this is an amazing opportunity for the child to understand your needs and help, accommodate, even take responsibility that you participate in the program without any issue / disturbance. Empower the child to support you - your child is not small, your child can understand and cooperate.

No 2 - Once the child understands that you need to do it - then the child requires little preparation before the actual sessions begin - parent and child can work together in thinking and planning / preparing - "How long each session will be? On those days when can we have dinner? What will child do when the session in going on? What if child needs some help - how can he/she fulfill them while ensuring parent is disturbed to the minimum? etc The more you together prepare - most likely things will go smoothly.

No 3 - Also realise that child may still need you during the session - but since it is online - you can manage his needs. You can off your webcam, mute your Mic and talk to your child, go away from laptop for few minutes or even get the child to eat, sleep or play next to you, while you attend the session using headphones.

No 4 - Since sessions are only twice a week - Maybe others in your family - spouse, grandparents etc can help with you with taking care of the child. Invite child to choose, whose help he or she wants. 

If I miss a session, how do I make up for it? 

There are many ways to "making up" for sessions missed - but before that TRY NOT TO MISS - since its twice a week and that too online - with little adjustment I am sure you can attend - you can use your smartphone, laptop, borrowed laptop, cyber cafe - try to make some arrangement - attending the session live is the most fun and most learning. If still you end up missing - here are some options:

  1. The foremost being learning from your peers. This whole program is based on collaborative learning - and much learning happens because every participant shares their learning with each other. Call your peers and discuss the whole session with them. If in same city, meet to discuss the session over a cup of coffee. You can also ask  questions in our online community (you will join this community nearer to date of program).
  2. We normally record the sessions and upload them on youtube - you can hear the recording of the whole session on Youtube.
  3. You could also go through the entire relevant reading material, do all the exercises, experiments and assignments. This would cover a lot of the session too.
  4. You can also discuss the session with the facilitator (after having done all of the above) - essentially to clarify your doubts - this is best done through the online community.
  5. You can also attend the same session with the next batch
Can I attend some sessions with another batch? 

Once you sign up for a batch of Jagriti then you can re-attend any session any time with any batch. There are no charges for you to re-attend. Check the relevant schedule.

 How online sessions work?

  • We use a web conferencing system (Zoom is what we are currently using).
  • All participants login into a virtual room (on internet) using your computer and a broadband internet connection.
  • All communicate through a pair of headphones and a Mic. You hear what the faculty is speaking (as well as what other participants are speaking).
  • We also extensively use the chat feature to communicate to each other - specially to respond to questions posed by the faculty
  • All see the same presentation which is typically controlled by the presenter.
  • All do activities and then post responses (or if you have webcam you can also show your response)

If in case there is technical glitch - say web-conferencing doesn't connect properly, computer doesn't work, a power failure happens, etc -- then we have a few options.
One option is to go to a place through which you can attend (keep a backup cyber cafe in mind), or call into the session using phone (you have to pick up the phone bill :) or catch up with the session during the subsequent batches.

Here is what Nupur has to say about attending the program online:
It has been quite an enriching experience for me to the program online. Initially I had doubts about the effectiveness of learning through online interaction but as the course progressed, I enjoyed it more and more. Most importantly, the instructors kept the students joining online thoroughly engaged during the discussions and gave ample opportunities to ask questions and share our experience with others. I would now be looking forward to a follow up program and join online.

How do I manage sessions on school holidays? 

We typically do not have sessions during school holidays. In other words no classes during Christmas or Dushera holidays, or any other government declared school holidays. Check the schedule.

How much time will I need to spend on a daily basis?

Simply put - the more effort you put in, the more you get out of the program. Typically every session will give you “food for thought” through various experiences, explorations, experiments that you can take up with your children at home. However, remember each of these are "open" and “optional” but “strongly recommended” and it purely depends on you how much time and effort you want to put in. More the merrier:)

After joining, what if I don't find the program suitable?

If you find the course not suitable for you - simply take the refund. No questions asked! Or better still - pay only after you start the program - we are super flexible. Money is not our wish (only a small need), your learning is our top priority! 

If I have to leave, in the middle, for personal reasons?

If you need to suspend the course in the middle you can join back in the any of the future batches.

Do I get any certificate?

No, we do NOT give a 'certificate'. Please realize that the focus of the program is not the certificate – but to give you a deep understanding and comprehensive learning.
This "learning" should get you the kind of job/work/start your own school etc… whatever you are looking for. None of the previous participants faced any difficulty in getting the kind of work they wanted or felt that the certificate should have more value. All the previous participants however, really valued the learning from the program. Towards this if you need a letter of completion of this program - we can do so issued by Aarohi Trust. Note, we are not affiliated to any other university or organization. 

Can I work with Aarohi?

This question cannot be answered here. First you have to come and stay (for few days or one week) and experience the life at Aarohi community. Then if you are interested in JOINING the community - we can discuss the nature of the same.