Jagriti - Contents

The presentation above gives you an overview of the contents of the Jagriti course. You can see another presentation as a youtube video here.
However, if you would prefer to read few lines about each session - read on

1    Motivation    

How is it that children get motivated to do so many things so easily? Also why is it that adults struggle to motivate children. Understand learning process and motivation, for if they are self motivated - our job is done!  

2    Beliefs   

If there is one thing that ails the education system it is the strong beliefs teachers and adults have about children and learning. Can we learn to look at self, children and learning in an unconstrained way, open up mental vistas. Can we help children to not form beliefs. Can we truly set ourselves and our children free. Free to soar.

3    Feelings

The universal need of all - specially children, is to be understood. And the most important lesson I can give to children is of taking care of oneself emotionally. 
This session explores how we understand, relate, connect and help children become emotionally intelligent.

4    Self Esteem

How do we help the child to understand himself or herself;
Is this the key to happiness. Can i get each child to hug herself and say 'I love me'. Can i help the child start the journey of self awareness and truly understanding oneself?

5    Empowerment    

The main source of learning , growth and achievement is inside me.
Child lives out of himself, his unlimited resources. Child believes in himself. Child thinks "am^able"!

6    Creativity

Creativity is grossly misunderstood or rather less understood;
For us creativity is the key force behind each learning / doing. So to us creative learning is magical and joyous. Lets get creative about creativity!

7    Habits of Mind

While we work on child's academics, do we consciously work on success skills? How do we develop success characteristics in children via day to day experiences. How do I create such opportunities? Explore characteristics like perseverance, sensitivity, responsibility, integrity, open mindedness, etc.

8    Multiple Intelligence

How to understand and work with differences in abilities in each one of us; One seems to be good at something, the other at something else.
Lets understand child, child's eight intelligences and explore Child's potential. Lets make learning interesting for each child. The session explores "What is Multiple Intelligence?" and what are its implications?

9    Behaviour

One wonders why is others' and specially children's behaviour a trouble to us. Is it that we need to see the behaviour of children from many different perspectives? Maybe then we can figure out how to possibly respond to them and consequently be more effective. As we say, Lets learn to behave so that children behave :-).        

10    Facilitating

Now that I have opened so many windows, I start my journey of experimenting with self to offer the child unlimited learning, unconstrained life. I want to create an environment in which each will earn what they want to learn and each will grow the way they want to grow.

11    Preparing Sexually

A session that will shake you to think why, what, and how are you preparing your children - 'sexually'.
We will explore How to talk, what to talk, and work with all the exposure child receives from media and the world.
Also how to prepare child to deal with and avoid sexual abuse. Basically how to form healthy and safe physical and social relationships?