Creative Genie


Inherently all children are creative. All they need are opportunities to be able to explore and express their creativity. An environment which is while very stimulating to their creativity, is non judgmental to the expression of their creativity.

Often when a child makes something we look at the result, and many a times that could be disappointing from our adult view of aesthetics of finish. However, creativity is not the outcome but the process.

CREATIVE GENIE is one such program that totally focuses on creative process. Do not think its a art or craft program - its far from that - its actually a program where each child can explore his own creative thoughts - hence what each child is making could be totally different, how he is making would be different and the end result would also be unique. Each child could be using different mediums or even experimenting and combining many mediums.
Child would explore and use mediums like art,  clay, paper mache, paper and junk models, drama, music, movement, puppetry etc, the focus is on three step process towards creativity, that is:
Observation (as the raw material)
Imagination (as the processing of raw material)
Composition (as the expression or the act of giving meaning)
step one - observation - develops our knowledge and senses
step two - imagination - develops our thinking capacity
and step three - composition - develops our understanding

What kind of activities?

Stimulating, challenging and experiential activities that are enjoyable and exploratory. All activities for a particular week are based on the theme of a "country". Explore countries, their cultures and medium of expression. Also learn to express and give meaning to art. Create own compositions using Drama, Paper mache, Clay, Puppetry, Music, Model making, Murals, Painting and other mediums.

What will the child learn /  benefit
Please realize summer programs are not about teaching anything to the child. While the whole program is based on countries - as theme - the idea is NOT to teach about the countries.

So the child essentially benefits from the exposure, the stimulation and the efforts the child makes in making!

Sample Activities
Lets say the children are exploring the country Africa - i which case the children will explore masks of Africa, Jungles of Africa, Tribal story through shadow drama, Tribals of Africa, Villages of Africa, Music of Africa, etc.