Cost and Logistics

Based on your needs and interest, you may decide the topics for your school teachers. Better pl call us and speak us in detail so that we understand your requirement and can suggest suitable topics or even customised the topics as per your needs.

We can either do workshops at your school or our center.

  • Your Contribution is Rs 12,500/- per session (of 2 to 3 hours) with no upper limit on number of participants.
  • For outstation schools (outside Bangalore / Hosur), the cost is Rs 25,000/- per day, (irrespective of number of sessions). Hence most schools maximise by planning more than one session.
  • For outstation schools Travel(air fare), local transport and lodging cost is extra and paid by you at actuals (arranged by the school itself).
  • We also promote doing online sessions - these are equally effective with the benefit of saving on travel cost / time. If interested discuss this in more detail with us

Please note the following:

  • Workshops can be conducted on weekdays or on Saturdays. (Sundays are usually holidays :)
  • Workshops are typically of 3 hours - duration. Sometimes schools ask for a full day workshop - in which case the workshops are usually of 5 to 6 hours duration with appropriate breaks.
  • A typical workshop needs a minimum of 10 participants.

Contact us and we can work out a schedule which is mutually convenient.