Who is Aarohi for?

Aarohi is for the parents

  • Who are looking for more meaningful and LIFE education.
  • Who look at education as a means to create responsive humans rather than "only earning successful adults".
  • Who believe in the child's capacity to learn.
  • Who respect the child for what he or she is.
  • Who believe that child need not to be taught (child may need to be understood).
  • Who believe that if the child has not learned something - there is nothing wrong with the child.
  • Who are NOT looking for Assessing the child (and learning) every quarter on the basis of exams and marks.
  • Who believe that EVERY child is different and there is no place for comparisons (no need to compare children, schools, and teachers.
  • Who are NOT worried about the child what he/ she will be when he/ she will grow up. Who rather work at what the child is today and how can we empower the child to become whatever he wants to become tomorrow.
  • Who are NOT looking to make the child EXPERT in every field. Rather respect the child's natural intelligence and focus on the child's strengths. Who do not want to develop the child which matches adults (parents or teachers) preference of personality - "rather ALLOW the child to build his own personality" we just give them opportunities to develop.
  • Who think that "good school" need not mean infrastructure, facilities, imposed and adult driven learning, discipline and success. Who believe that a simple project like gardening can teach me more about botany, ecology, geography, nature, conservation, etc. Hence its not what we have (as in resources), rather what and how we do that makes the difference.

If you would like to be an integral part of an education that cares, involves, and is open - both for children and parents then connect with us.