What Children Learn?

Aarohi’s vision is to offer an environment and process that empowers children to learn on their own, all they need to learn for living their life, both now and in future.

Typically in Aarohi children do not set out to 'learn' something. Mostly they want to DO something and their doing invariably involves multi domain knowledge, skills and wide variety of abilities. Hence We have broadly divided (only for our understanding) learning into two categories:

CONTENT is the more tangible learning - primarily includes any domain knowledge and domain skills. Further we have divided contents (only for us to be able to manage them) into ten content categories. However, children often use cross domain skills and knowledge to be able to accomplish their goal.


ABILITIES are more intangible, but fundamental to any child's life. Reading writing, working with others, analysing, observing visual details, calculating etc are some examples of abilities children use on a daily basis. We use the multiple intelligence framework to arrive at the ability list - we call it AAROHI 35. Obviously each child will develop different abilities to different extent - based on their stronger intelligences. Which is why when developing intelligences / abilities the idea is not a competition to get better - rather by getting exposed to all - become aware over time of one's strengths. See Aarohi 35 abilities as a map below:

 A detailed account of all the Aarohi 35 abilities is available here - this detailed page talks about - for each objective - "what it is", "what it implies", "how child exhibits", "how we can develop", "what it is not" and "some misconceptions".