What child needs for stay at O-campus

There is provision to keep clothes and other personal belongings at O-Campus. The child carries (home) every week changes and replenishments. Child can either wash own clothes or leave clothes in laundry basket for weekend washing by Akka.

Suggested list for stuff child will need / keep at O-Campus

  1. Clothes - Choose clothes for COMFORT. Avoid expensive / fancy items.
  2. One Jacket.
  3. One blanket, Pillow, Two sets of bed-sheets, and Mosquito Net (optional)
  4. One umbrella or rain jacket
  5. One Yoga Mat
  6. One pair each of sandals with back straps, sports shoes and slippers.
  7. One personal journal notebook and additional two notebooks. 
  8. Stationery kit - Stationary pouch (apart from basic stationary consider adding things like small calculator, measuring tape, sketch pens, flat paint brush (no 10 or 12), geometry kit, anything else that may add to your day to day working.
  9. Only specific personal medicines. Note: we will have all the first aids, ointments and the regular paracetamol, pain killers, antacids etc – carry only whatever your doc has prescribed specifically for you to not to go out without. (These need to be informed to us by parents via email, in advance).
  10. Personal toiletries - Toothbrush & paste, Comb, Bathing soap, Face cream etc.
  11. Torch (must)
  12. Water bottles (2-3)
  13. Personal gadget are Optional (like laptop, mobile, ipad / tab, mp3player, etc.
  14. If child wants - can bring own  books, games, toys, bicycle, etc

For Children doing weekly travel (Since we travel by train, travel LIGHT).

  1. One small shoulder bag
  2. Snacks to eat in the train
  3. Water bottle
  4. Communication note book
  5. Any book, playing cards, games to play in the train
  6. Consider carrying some money - say Rs10/- (to buy something in train)