One person can make a difference


One person can change your life – I have heard many times, I have experienced many times. Once again I experienced at O-campus.

When we were forming the thoughts on O-campus and Ratnesh had put his thoughts on “Can a campus teach?” I was overwhelmed and in my challenge zone. My first thought was “will this be possible?” Soon it became reality and now I can say “this is possible”. In this whole journey, one person made a lot of difference is Namrata.

My this blog is dedicated to her.

She joined Aarohi in June as faculty “her first comment was “Aarohi ke liya kuch bhi karoongi” and she lived upto her words.  She was with Aarohi as a parent for last four years, but as she says “I did not know much about Aarohi as a parent”.

Initially I was taking all the responsibly of kitchen set up, construction…………She first settled herself with facilitation and understanding Aarohi……………..As she became comfortable, she took over kitchen work and kids have taken over from her………………and now she has taken over the entire construction work. I never realized how subtly this transition happened, but whichever way it has happened, it is beautiful.  And I am moving ahead with various exploration in construction, community and life style........with her, with kids.

You must be thinking how this is related to the document “Can a campus teach?” is. Every time I read the document, I felt shiver – We we setting such a HIGH expectations from ourselves, how would that be possible alone?”.  

Now the same document, the same expectations looks achievable with one more “dedicated” hand. Just one more hand joining with complete faith and understanding has made a lot difference in my confidence.

  • All my actions were not right or appropriate
  • All my actions were not “perfect”
  • All my thoughts were not sound
  • All my results were not successful

But what I got was “non judgemental” and “trustful” understanding of Namrata. Her silent observation, thoughtful thoughts and self reflection  - all were leaning opportunities for me and she did not need to have tell me “my goals were unusual or I will not be able to achieve”.

I remember every moment of my journey with her.  I was just thinking “how much difference I can make in child’s life by joining the child with FULL TRUST in child capabilities and UNDERSTANDING in whatever the child is doing?”Instead of finding fault - I can find gold :)

Can I join any child in his journey with complete faith and silent observation – no matter how unusual or crazy it is ? Will I add to my child’s confidence? Will my negative thoughts, complains or putting down the child’s dream “this is not possible, you do not know, this is not appropriate” will help my child to be confident?

I see a lot of positive energy flowing in Aarohi, I see lot of harmony in making of O-campus.Thank you Namrata for all the faith in my dreams – I am confident.


Overwhelming, No words, :))))))