Making of O-Campus

  • I have been reading a novel, called “Daddy's long legs”. The novel is based on letters written by a (college) girl to her adopted father. I
    am inspired to write letters – I am beginning with writing a mail, soon will write letters.

    So here I go,
    It has been very pleasant at the campus. We saw a herd of around 30 elephants in the morning, crossing very near to our campus. Elephants
    missed you all. Now there is not much movement and all Ragi crop is cut.

  • When one wants lots of trees - planting lots of saplings is simple. What is far more challenging and critical is taking care of them. Top among care needs is water and fertilizers.


    The bags were tearing even though we used dry coconut leaves to cover it. We were worried, we dint know what to do.

  • When we started building the kitchen, I felt we would be able to finish it in 2-3 months and it would be a very easy,fast and fun process. Okay so at the end of 3 months, I can tell Its not at all easy, not so fast either as we face lots of bumps in the way but i can asuure it is loads of fun. Its just that it feels like I have been working on this project for so looooooong.

  •  year back when we started with the campus and the big dream in our heart “can a campus teach?”.….the consistent question in mind was “how will this happen, it will take a lot of time?”

  • When Chinna swamy anna took holiday for 3 days and Lakshmana-Ramanna took holiday for a day, work did not happen that day. We are already behind schedule as we were suppose to start the construction in the end of march but started in mid april.

  • We needed barbed wire,binding wire,empty cement bags,dimis,bandlis,digging tool,crowbar,jellystone,soil,water for the kitchen construction. We dug the soil (thought not enought so we are yet to dig more) and the jelly stone we ordered from the material supplier of O - capmus . We aldready had the digging tool,bandilis and crowbar.

  • Initially when we started the earthbag construction the labourers

    labourers working

  • style of laying
  • We invite you to visit O-campus and spend some time with us.
    You can visit the O-campus with your family and friends. You can experience work on tiling, mural, wall painting, making walls/ windows with glass bottles or do nothing.

    In the evening enjoy the sunset, birds, village, or just a simple walk. In the night enjoy moon and the vast sky.


  • Updates as on 9 march 2013 on funding O-campus development:
    • We have resolved all legal issues related to the land ownership.
  • We invite all the children to experience O-campus. The objective is to experience O-campus and live together.

    The plan - Leave on 7th March, Thursday morning by train and come back on Friday 8th March, evening by train. Some children who do not want to stay overnight can come back with Girija and Mary the same day (7th March).

  • Last week we had parents coming to O-campus and experiencing life at O-campus.

    We felt great that kids conducted the whole session with parents - they did part of their preparation in train, at home and duirng rest time. All the questions of parents during the sessions were handled by the kids. We as faculty only shared our few thoughts.

    We all reflected and kids shared

  • We have started "dirt clearing" at O-campus. We live together and it is very easy to collect dirt about each other, without one knowing about it.

  • Sharing my journey at O-campus of “sense of belongingness”.

    First month was to just know our needs and soon the pink house became a place of dumped things. The house did not have any shelves, cupboard or any racks. The house has two small bedrooms (smaller than spring) and one hall as big as jungle.

    We as a group took break from sessions and sorted our place. We bought four open racks, around 50 bags and one closed cupboard to keep our clothes.

    We put 200 hooks in the house,


    One person can change your life – I have heard many times, I have experienced many times. Once again I experienced at O-campus.

    When we were forming the thoughts on O-campus and Ratnesh had put his thoughts on “Can a campus teach?” I was overwhelmed and in my challenge zone. My first thought was “will this be possible?” Soon it became reality and now I can say “this is possible”. In this whole journey, one person made a lot of difference is Namrata.

    My this blog is dedicated to her.

  • Pl see this presentation to understand the DEWATS system of waste management

  • Inspite of our constant participation in all the work we do, we realized that we become complacent with what we are doing. For past two days we were cribbing "this is not clean that is not" akka expressed that "the work is more on Fridays and she could not do weekly clean up".  clean................
    Well, we had two options

  • I am proposing "10 minutes SHRAM DAAN (volunteer work" EVERYDAY at GK by EVERYBODY) - Before you stat the work or stay 10 minutes extra - ITS MAGICAL

    here is addition to our story at O-campus

    Inspite of our constant participation in all the work we do, we realized that we have become complacent with what we are doing. 

    For past two days we were cribbing "this is not clean that is not" akka expressed that "the work is more on Fridays and she could not do weekly clean up".  clean................
    Well, we had two options

  • Update [8feb-2013] 
  • Thank you all who donated glass bottles and tiles - we created beauty with them.

  • broken tiles in toilets We collected broken toilets from shopes and homes - this was easy! Vishu NEterprises in Domlur allowed to pick as many broken tiles as we want.







  • So the whole idea is simple - can we instead of using glass - use bottleswindows glass using discarded beer bottles

    Even better can we instead of using bricks use bootles

  • You are invited to be part of Electrical wiring work at the first UNit (Umbra) at O-Campus
    Vishal and Ratnesh Uncle will be doing this work and would love to involve any of you who are interested.
    Work will be done in three phases

    Phase 1 - Planning and Purchasing - we will plan - at site - how will the wiring run, where fixtures will be out and where switches etc. We will also decide on material quantity and type and go to the shop to procure the decided material.

  • We are blessed.  The Sun, The Bhaskara, has blessed Aarohi O-campus.

    UPDATE (13th Nov) - The whole of Sun Support system has been FULLY sponsored by some dear friends (see table below for detials). We are indeed blessed.

  • Finally roof at O-campus. Loads of learning, memories and team work.