Life at O-campus - kids taking lead

Last week we had parents coming to O-campus and experiencing life at O-campus.

We felt great that kids conducted the whole session with parents - they did part of their preparation in train, at home and duirng rest time. All the questions of parents during the sessions were handled by the kids. We as faculty only shared our few thoughts.

We all reflected and kids shared

  • We were quite open to receive visitors.
  • We discussed - how we were assertive and also gave space to them (did not made fire in the morning, but accepted food which caused little hulchul in our food estimation)
  • Kids expressed - our preparation could have been better - our time plan did not work.
  • Me and Nam shared that "we felt nice to see kids leading in the whole session".

It was great experience.

Our reflection on making community OPEN for visitors

When a visitor come, one of us will be their mentor – their contact point through out their visit to make them feel comfortable and safe. One of us depending on our schedule will commit the time to mentor for every visitor.

  • We can take them through a 7 minutes tour to make them familiar with place, systems like toilet, fetching water etc.
  • We can spend 6 minutes with them and share the schedule.
  • We spend 13 minutes with them and understand their purpose of the visit and accordingly plan their stay with us.
  1. We can keep a visitors feedback form (will send the format) – this will help us to grow every time.
  2. We will make small guidelines (basic) for visitors. Parents and new parents.
  3. If a visitor is trying something new, we will bring this in announcement, so all are aware of the changes (like Neem in the water).
  4. If a visitor is looking for something , we can be more understanding and RESPOND gently – we will be assertive not aggressive.