Invite to O-campus

We invite you to visit O-campus and spend some time with us.
You can visit the O-campus with your family and friends. You can experience work on tiling, mural, wall painting, making walls/ windows with glass bottles or do nothing.

In the evening enjoy the sunset, birds, village, or just a simple walk. In the night enjoy moon and the vast sky. Early morning, enjoy rock climbing, yoga on the rock or just wake up in the morning with the call of koodkoo.

You bring – Sleeping bag (if you have), joy and enthusiasm. You may also consider to one tree sapling to plant at the campus.

You travel – Train, bus or car.

You plan – Just inform us your day of arrival, we will do rest of the arrangements.

Currently Aditi and Namrata with four kids are staying at campus to work on making of campus. Join us anytime.