Financial Contribution

Aarohi works on cost based model - which means financial contribution is based on expenses incurred. Since Aarohi is a charitable trust, contribution does not include any profit component. Budgeting and Account books are open and available for parents to comment / suggest to improve cost efficiency.

There are two ways of your child being at Aarohi.

  1. One option is to come to Aarohi on a weekly basis - as a visiting child - wherein you pay only for the weeks the child comes. Contribution for this option is Rs5000/- per week. If you want to try out Aarohi for few weeks - initially you can pay on weekly basis and then if ​the child​ ​decides to ​continue​ for the year - we adjust the amount paid against the total amount for the year.​​
  2. The more preferred and attractive option - both financially and also from learning perspective is to join aarohi as a regular child - wherein you pay for one whole year (June to April) and then child comes as per child's wish (child can come regularly, stay weekends, take off whenever the child wants etc.). Details of this option below:

The following figures are for year 2017-18 (We will update the figures for 2018-19 by mid May 2018 - expect the figures to be similar to below with some addition due to inflation).

Contribution is in three parts

(The year is considered as eleven months - June 2017 to April 2018. May 2018 would be summer holiday)

  1. Contribution towards Campus Expenses  - which comprises of food, campus support staff, resources, material and maintenance expenses: Rs 70,000/- per year
  2. Contribution towards Aarohi Expenses - which comprises mainly of facilitators cost and outdoor trips cost: Rs 50,000/- per year
  3. Donation towards Construction and Development: This is a voluntary donation towards construction cost of campus and development of infrastructure. This would vary from Rs Zero to One Lakh per year. Pl note that Aarohi campus is developed using crowd sourcing and parents are major contributors - them being the major beneficiaries. Hence, we solicit donations from parents every year.


 1) Is the above final - are there any chance of relaxing the above?

Please realise above is BASED on the ACTUAL cost we incur - so any relaxation for any child would mean additional financial burden.

However, The ability to pay full contribution is NOT a criterion for admission. For parents who cannot afford, Aarohi is keen to collaborate with parents to find ways to support them financially. What is more important to Aarohi is that you value open learning for their child.

We expect each parent to definitely pay the Campus expenses as these are towards actual spending for your child. If you think you qualify for sponsorship from an outside source - read the next FAQ. 

If you simply can't afford the Aarohi expenses, talk to us and we would together find some solutions.

2) Is sponsorship possible for a needy child

When parents belong to a economic background where it is just not possible to contribute the above financially and cases where it is possible for us to look for sponsorship from organisations or individuals - in such cases we would together (team aarohi and child's parents) solicit financial sponsorship. We already had one child coming from nearby village who qualified for such sponsorship (in 2014-15).

For parents who can afford a higher contribution - we welcome additional financial support - as in - sponsoring other children. 

3) Can we pay the contribution towards Aarohi expenses or Campus expenses in parts?

We expect all parents to pay the full contribution in advance - by 10th June 2017.
If you really need to pay in parts - discuss with us - we are somewhat hesitant as in past this has led to a lot of unnecessary followup and even financial burden on us. Please use this option if you really have no other option.

4) Can we give the donation towards Construction & Development in parts?

Surely. What we request is that at the time of admission you specify the donation amount and payment plan - this helps us in planning the construction & development activity.

5) What if the child is joining in-between the year - after June-2016? 

New Child joining in the middle of the year - you pay contribution from the month of joining - till April-2018. You pay 12k per month: Aarohi Expenses @5k per month and Campus Expenses @7k per month = 12k per month.

 6) What if the child is withdrawn in-between the year - is the contribution refunded? 

When any child leaves (before the end of Aarohi's budgeting year, which is April 2018) - you pay for the leaving month + two additional months. (example: child leaving in Oct 2017 pays for Nov and Dec also at the time of leaving). Any contribution for remaining months, would be refunded. 
Pl note donations for construction and development are not refunded, since they are by definition donations :-)