Experiencing Aarohi for a week

experiencing aarohi

When most people get to know about Aarohi - they love it - just that they turn around and say - "Does Aarohi (and children) really work?"

Our response, "Please experience Aarohi and discover this first hand. The best way is to experience Aarohi by your child being IN IT - by doing one's own designed and self driven open learning - in full Aarohistyle - with all its freedom, its responsibilities, its reflections, its challenges, amidst peers, facilitators and failures and successes.

This would be for minimum a week or even more. You can do this anytime.  - see our calendar to ensure you avoid planning a stay when we have holidays or outstation (KAA) trips.

So inviting you to get your child to experience Aarohi - The child will be just like a regular child at Aarohi at our O-campus - each week Monday to Friday (with stay)

Your contribution for above will be (per day)

  • Rs 800 per day per adult or child > 7rs 
    (<7 yrs consider 50%)
  • These are indicated figures, you are free to contribute less or more.
  • Experiencing aarohi is applicable when regular session of Aarohi is in progress - that is between June to March.  In April pl look for summer camp. In May we are closed. Before finalising your dates pl refer to  our calendar to avoid any weeks where we have holidays or we are travelling on outstation trips.

If you are planning on the above - pl speak to Ratnesh on 98450-45833 and also ensure that you and your child sees visiting O campus presentation.

To register click here