Aarohi - Organic Learning

Aarohi means evolving. Child is always evolving - learning, growing and figuring out her life. Aarohi is a space where any child can discover self and the world around.


The child is capable, is am'able, is born an empowered being, is the best person to lead herself. She learns naturally, almost effortlessly, by experiencing, exploring, experimenting and expressing. This is how the child learned her mother tongue. Nobody taught her, no material, no activities, no time bound syllabus was needed. she used her exposure in the environment from peers to learn. She learned the mother tongue in her own unique way, at her own pace, and most importantly for her own reasons.


                                     Panya learning her way

There are many ways to look at education. We believe education is a journey that helps a child to explore himself - his thoughts, his interests, his strengths, his own kick in life, his purpose of life. If we were to not superimpose our view of the world, if we were to not package life for the child - then the child has freedom to choose what the child wants to do, how he wants to do and to bear the consequences of his action. This kind of freedom puts a lot of responsibility on the child, one which we believe the child is as capable to take, is akin to living life.


Education is not about a system that the child follows, rather Aarohi is a system that follows the child in his journey of learning. To provide the child this space - Aarohi offers to the child: 


  1. Resources to choose from: including all kinds of books, internet, videos & movies, materials and equipment, people from all walks of life, places to visit, learning campus etc.

                                    Children planting weeds in dwat for sewage treatment

  1. Exposure of all kinds: since our map is the whole universe - according to us everything is worth learning. The child meets all kinds of stuff, from stitching to salsa, from emotions to electromagnetism, from sonnets to subtraction - and so on. The child does not learn because we want her to learn something at that age. Child learns because she wants to learn that something at that age.    

                                    Live station on electronics and lights


  1. Democratic environment: Child chooses. Child is responsible for her choice. Child is accountable for the consequence of her choice. Child is also answerable to peers for her choices - to the extent it affects them. A democratic space is a challenging space - and for that reason it is a learning space!



                                      Child working on her goal

  1. Facilitators who are with children but do nothing for them. Who question children but do not give answers. Who sometimes push (without expectations), pull, stay quiet, discuss, listen, accept, not accept, fight, let-go and sometimes just sit back and observe and later share what they observed. The child is free to use the facilitator as a resource, as a peer or as a support.



Aarohi is not a way, or a method or an approach. It is a space, an environment, an acceptance, a belief, a soil for the child to grow - as nature is already tuned to deliver. We call this organic learning. In nature every plant has its own way of growing - which we can only understand by observing each plant. We operate from the needs of the plant instead of the need of the farmer. In aarohi we do not follow any method, any theory - but we follow each child - observing, understanding, exploring each child own unique way of learning.


If you think all the above sounds too utopian, then may we invite you to experience this first hand. We work with children upto 16 years. Come to Aarohi to understand how children can learn everything from mother tongue and thereafter, naturally, organically 



‘Can a campus teach? With this interesting perspective we are growing a campus in a village near Hosur. A visit to our “open” campus will show you that learning is less about what we learn, but more about what we live!