Camp FAQs

Please ensure you have seen the presentation in the camp logistics page before you read through the FAQs.

Important Suggestion - if your child is going to be at Aarohi all by self.
In such a case, we recommend that you visit the campus in advance - atleast once - for few hours. This visit will ensure that you are familiar with the pace, the set-up and also meet us. Also most importantly, your child gets acclimatized to the place that he or she would eventually be coming - this can make a big difference to the child - specially if this is the first outing for the child.

For children below 9yrs - it is recommended that at least one parent comes and stays for 1/2 days and once the child is settled then if the parent wants - leave the child to have an independent experience.

Further FAQs

Q1. What age upwards does the camp cater to?

Any age - from zero to 99! Children can come alone or with parents - so age is not an issue.

Please note the parent is not coming FOR the child. Rather the parent comes WITH the child. Both are participants in the summer program Cool

 Q2. Will there be conducted activities or agenda of some sort that is planned to be done during the day? Hence, can we have a list of activities that the kids would be exposed to... as in cooking, drama, dance/music, literary, etc?

No there is no pre set agenda. All activities are possible. Each participant decides WHAT he or she wants to do and then goes about doing that. The list of activities / content areas is endless and hence we do not make one.
What we do is take all camp participants though a process which helps each child / adult to start thinking of what all he or she wants to do.
Child may decide based on what the child is interested in exploring or doing, or may get attracted by what somebody else is doing and join them or some other stimulus in the campus may excite the child (for example child may see the wood fired barrel oven and may want to bake some stuff or may see wall painting all around in the campus and may want to do a wall painting or a mural or a sculptor).

We would have a broad schedule of the day - which also is co-created by the whole group at the beginning of the week. This schedules helps in each community member to be able to get things done - specially group activities. 

Q3. What about facilitators to guide the kids around the activities and campus?

Yes, There would typically be three adult facilitators. We would be there for guiding the participants. Guidance would starts from helping the participants to settle down in the place, decide what to do, decide how to do, get desired resources / materials, take care of safety (see more below on safety) and to overall ensure that Aarohi community runs smoothly.

Q4. How do we know that the campus and staying in campus is safe for the child?

There are four kinds of safety we are all concerned with. But before we get into details, pl realise Aarohi campus has been functional since July 2013  with children (10-17 numbers) and 3-5 adults living on a continuous basis in the campus. Hence, adequate safety measures are already in place for children / adults to stay and learn.

Also realise no place can be made 100% safe. More importantly we (all residents) need to be aware of the dangers, prepare for eventualities and then be alert all the time. Safety can never be some people's responsibility - it is a collective effort and huge learning opportunity for all.

We divide safety into four categories and for all of these all participants are prepared when they come to campus.

  • Physical safety from injuries - since this is on open outdoors campus - child run, jump, climb trees etc and physical injuries are part of the action. We prepare children to what is safe, where it is unsafe and we have a visual marking of areas which can lead to injury.
  • Physical safety from animals / reptiles - We have clear process on how to ensure that we are safe from animals and reptiles and all children / adults are prepared to take adequate measure.
  • Emotional and Social safety - Where ever there are people - there could be instances of some of them dominating, teasing, bulling others. Again the community is prepared to spot, stop and report any such instance and the whole community ensures this.
  • Sexual safety - Since we all will be living together - it is important that each is aware of that is acceptable and what is not. Again the whole community is made sensitive about any aspect of looking, touching, showing, talking - and hence each member is able to help protect others.

The key to safety, according to us is not control - rather - EMPOWERMENT - which includes sensitization, preparation and involvement of ALL.

Q5. Is there some construction work going on in the campus? Would that be safe for children?

There are no safety issues because of construction activities. Usually there is some construction activity going - primarily to give children exposure. All construction projects are exciting (and safe) project for any age to be involved in!

Q6. If I as a parent accompany my child - Can i do my personal / professional / office work from campus. Is internet available?

Yes, You can work from here (though we would like you to enjoy the camp and campus rather than your work ;-).

For internet you can preferably use your dongle (We have used airtel / reliance dongles in the past - but others should also work fine).
For basic internet need you can also use our broadband connection, which is limited, but still available specially if you're not doing too much of download / upload - as in doing regular browsing and email is fine.

Any more questions - do email us or call Ratnesh on 9845-045-833 or 9688-180-543