Summer Camp @ O-campus

Inviting you - during holidays - to stay at Aarohi O campus - and live life Aarohistyle

What better way to spend holidays - Do what I want - I decide - I do - I enjoy
(See slide show above of pictures from summer and winter camps. 
Also see blog post of winter camp)


  • If you want to come and stay with us during June to March - pl see experiencing Aarohi
  • Next camp available is  summer camp, in April 2019 
    Starting 1st April till 27th April 2019 - five weeks
    . You can select one or few or all weeks. You can choose any of the weeks. 
    Week is counted as Monday to Friday.
    You reach campus by Monday morning (before 10am). Pick up is on Friday evening. (4pm)

Who: Any child without parents or any child with parents or only parents or Anybody!

There is no age criterion. Children below 8 years are recommended to come with one or both parents. Children above 8 years can decide alone or with parent. Overall - any age child is welcome. Any age child is welcome.

What will we do?

What you will do is DECIDE what to do. For a change there will be nobody but yourself to decide what to do, how to do, when todo, how much to do and they themselves will assess own work. Experience self-directed learning and living.

You Would have an almost infinite choice of what to do - right from playing music to reading and writing literature to exploring nature, doing adventure, playing all kinds of games, doing drama or dance or making things from electronics to masonry to carpentry to making friends others or with pets or doing art or photography or  bake cakes and breads or do barbecue or grow vegetables and work in the fields or gaze into skies into eternity ...

or simply do nothing!

What all we offer?

  • The physical environment of 5 acres of rural countryside with loads of resources.
  • The mental environment of self direction, self exploration and self reflection.
  • The social environment of community living.
  • The emotional environment of sensitivity, listening and acceptance.

Reflection Process

What is of quite significance - specially as an experience to children - is the whole process of reflection (self assessment that Aarohi follows) - on a daily basis. We use various tools and mediums and all together at the end of everyday reflect back on the day - what we did, how we did, what we liked / did not like, what we learned . did not learn, ... Reflect about our strengths, abilities, habits of mind, emotions, etc. Reflect also about peers, who we work, sensitivity towards others, material and environment etc. 

How will this benefit children?

What Aarohi offers is a space, an environment, a culture of open doing and learning. This typically leads to you not only exploring many things, but more importantly exploring, knowing and discovering oneself. 

Add to this the flavour of community living - which is a transformative journey for many of us.

Cost of the program

For Children: Camp cost Rs2500 + Cost of Stay & food Rs3500  = Total Cost Rs 6,000/- per child per week (5 days). 
(For children less than 5yrs - consider 50% of above cost).
For Parents: Rs1000 per day/- (Parents can decide to stay for few days or all the five days)

 For children coming from far away cities (other than Bangalore) for multiple weeks - if staying on weekends also - add Rs1000 per day/-

 Familiarize yourself with our campus by going through this mandatory presentation and then

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