Torch and learning

A torch is an essential tool at the campus. Many of us buy them, use them and throw when not working. We also have many nonworking torches. This brought a need to understand torch. A session was announced to understand torch.
Some of the questions 
What is torch?
What is light?
What is the source of life?
What happens to the light?
Where does the light come from?
How to measure light?
Some of the words - Focus, brightness, distance, spreading, intensity, color, measurement, speed.
 Some thoughts about torch 
How does a torch work?
What are all the features?
What makes it working?
What are cells?
What is the battery?
Some observations 
Switch, on, off, wire, battery, connection, solar panel, motherboard, glass, three batteries, indication, recharge, capacitor, led, brighter, function, wires, discharge, metal plate, copper, spring, grips, rings, different kinds of torches, some numbers printed. 
Different types of lights
Different source of light- solar, button cells, battery, Switch and wires 
Some prediction 
Maybe power gets stored in a battery?
Maybe some connection?
Maybe some carbon dioxide?
Maybe wire carries the charge?
Maybe motherboard sends the signal?
What makes a torch? - battery, bulb, switch and some wires. If we keep them together will we have a torch? Or will bulb glow?
 Making our own diagram allowed us to play with our own circuits of our own torches.