Aarohi trivia / a glossary

There are many terms that are widely used at Aarohi as part of the community “lingua franca”. The below is an incomplete and partial attempt to try and make the terms that are used more intelligible. You may hear these used by your child, another parent, a member of the faculty, Faculty or others who have been involved in any way with Aarohi.

Amable – It means “I am able”. 

Ambrosia – Community kitchen at O-campus



Campus Care – Since the campus, the building, the vehicles etc serve us, we spend 10 miutes as community (everyday in the moirning) taking care of the. The work may vary from brooming to cleaning pet shelter. Often takes 30 minutres.

Dipdha - Outdoor space/courtyard at O-campus

Dirt Cleaning - Express if you do not like anything and clean your dirt.

Floccinaucinihilipilification (Flocci) - This is a time when the faculty bring up a topic in order to expose children to something new. The word means 'worthless', to indicate that this is a session that is absolutely optional and based on the child's interest.

Galactia  - Outdoor space/courtyard at O-campus housing tree house

Geniekids - This is the company and brand responsible for the learning methodology at Aarohi, Khoj, Amable etc. Now it is called “GK – Amable”.

Gemini - Outdoor space/courtyard at O-campus

Goal - Besides the obvious meaning of the term, “Goal” refers to the specific learning end-objective that the children set for themselves at Aarohi.

Hydra – Courtyard housing baths, toilets and kitchen garden at O-campus

KAA  - The 2 to 4 day outstation learning trips organized for children, typically once in a quarter- 

KAA++ -An learning trip focused specifically on the need of a child or a set of children

Live Station - A “Live station” session is one in which individuals from different walks of life may spend time with children at Aarohi demonstrating their skills, ‘in action’.

Manthan - Quarterly off site sessions for parents, faculty and children to come together and reflect on Aarohi and the community

Mela -The quarterly fair, put up by parents for children.

Mentor Faculty - A “mentor faculty” is a member of the faculty who is the point of contact and whom a parent may approach, via a mutually convenient appointment, to discuss any aspect of the child’s learning or being at Aarohi.  Check the section Information access for hyperlinks to Mentor faculty

Mentor Parent - A child’s parent mentor is an individual who is a part of the community and will listen, discuss and be part of a parent’s journey with Aarohi. Identified mentors are listed at the start of each learning year. Check the section Information access for hyperlinks to Mentor parents.

KGQ - Is an abbreviation for “Key Guiding Questions”. These are questions that guide thinking, the direction of thinking and designing activity.

KPQ  - Is an abbreviation for “Key Process Questions”. KPQs are used to activate the thinking process, and to assist in moving beyond the current knowledge envelope.

MI/ Genie - This is a widely used term among educators, and stands for Multiple Intelligences. The Aarohi approach is to work with 9 intelligences – Verbal, Musical, Nature, Math-Logic, Visual, People, Body, Self & Thinking - and to provide the child an opportunity to express each of these, while keeping central the fact that each child is an individual and will have different abilities and develop on these to different extents. 

Mind map - Mind maps are a tool used at Aarohi by the children in their learning modules to identify and worktowards the goals they set for themselves.

Objective of the week - Besides the common usage of the word, there are 35 “objectives” at Aarohi corresponding to the 8 different Multiple Intelligences (MIs) that form the basis of the curriculum at Aarohi.

O-Campus - O-Campus is the term used to refer to the 5-acre campus being developed by the community near Kelamangalam in Krishnagiri district of Tamil Nadu. The campus is about 57 kilometers from Bangalore.

Open House - The “judicial system” at Aarohi. Anyone who is associated with Aarohi - child, faculty or parent - may file a case against any other member of Aarohi and seek recourse. The issues could be ofany kind – related to behavior, responsibility, not sharing, not taking responsibility for learning etc. There are separately designated time slots on the Aarohi calendar for “Open House”.

Orientation - Orientation at Aarohi refers to sessions held for anybody who may be interested in understanding Aarohi to come, visit and hear from the Aarohi faculty, team and parents about the community and itsapproach to learning. Orientations are an important platform to reach out to prospective and new parents.

Orion – Outdoor space/courtyard at O-campus

Outdoor - Children, accompanied by adults and faculty take the learning experience outdoors, on one day each week (these visits can last from a few hours to most of the day). Often for a period of time there is a theme associated with each “Outdoor” (for example in the year 2012-13, one of the themes was 'professions’ – and children made outdoor visits, over several weeks, to see, meet and interact with people practicing different professions)

Parent Workshop - These are sessions in which a parent is invited to come and engage with the children in an activity of mutual interest.

Penumbra – First floor of residential space at O-campus.

Phoenix - Outdoor space/courtyard at O-campus

Reflection - This is one of the segments in a typical module at Aarohi. It is a small activity at the end of session when the child recapitulates her/his learning.

Resource Kit - This term, as the name suggests, refers to a collection of resources, games, activities, visuals, people references, books, web links, experiments etc related to a particular topic for learning. The topic may be something very concrete (such as, say, “electricity” or something abstract, like, say “responsibility”). Aarohi invites participation from parents and the community in creating more resource kits. You may read more about Resource Kits at Aaarohi, and what they contain, click here

Stimulation - A set of activities to introduce various aspects of "objective of the week". 

Sunshine - This is the name of the covered terrace area at I-Campus where meetings, Amable trainings, Orientations, etc. are held at I-Campus. It’s the largest gathering space at I-Campus.

Thought Club - This is a platform for discussion. It is a session where children express and share their views, think about a topic and ask questions of themselves; in other words, a form of dialogue. “Thought club” may begin with a thought on anything, such as, for example, “what is fear” and move on understanding one’s own thoughts.

TTT - Is the term for “Train the Trainer”, a training program offered since 2002 by Genie Kids and now by Amable for those who want to understand working with children and eventually become trainers, facilitators or wish to work with children themselves. Visit: http://amable.in/train-the-trainer for more.

Umbra - Ground floor of residential space at O-campus.

Venus – First shelter at O-campus near the gate.


Pepsi, Fanta, Tiger  - Name of the cats

nachu, tomcat - Pepsi's kitten

Bella, Smiley, Pepper - Dog at O-Campus


Callisto - Library at O-Campus