10th / 12th Board and College

The first question is should my child give 10th / 12th board, and go to college or NOT?

For any child, 10th / 12th board as well as attending college is OPTIONAL. More so - for any family with children undergoing open / child-led learning (like Aarohi) this question is worth spending some time on.

We have a system operative in our country that by default assumes that school + college is the ONLY way to live life. However, this is not true. It is not necessary in life to pass 10th and then go to college. One can continue open learning throughout and succeed, and, live a satisfying life. Once can learn what one wants to learn, can earn what one wants to earn, without necessarily going through the ‘system’. So before you decide - here is a list of questions for you to think about. We’re sure you can add more questions to this list and would like you to email us questions which you think should be added to this list.

  1. What ALL are your reasons to consider or not consider 10th/12th and college?
  2. What would the child gain by giving 10th/12th?
  3. What will the child lose?
  4. Is the training to give an exam important in life?
  5. How important is college education? How different it is from school education?
  6. What are our anxieties when the child does not take the route of 10th/12th and college?
  7. What all the child can learn / benefit by staying OUT of college?
  8. How and what all the child may lose / gain by going for 10th/12th and college?


Once you - as a family - decide that your child wants to give 10th / 12th and aim for a college - see links below: