History through Movies


How does one learn history or rather how else can one learn history?

How about MOVIES!!!

Yes we announced a history course with movies. Many were clueless how movies can be a source to learn, we watch movies for entertainment and that’s all!!!

We saw some movie clips and noticed the words which we would like to explore more. After watching clips for some time we realized that different children wanted to know different things, Some made Gandhi group and they wanted to learn about Gandhi, some made Kings groups and wanted to know about ‘real history of kings’, some went to Romans group and one went for ‘historical animals’.

Well the topics from What is Arena to copper coins were explored through various history books. Now the group is excited to continue this learning journey through movies

  • Watch movies
  • Read more about it
  • And present it in many different forms (drama, presentations, story etc)

The entire learning is taken up by the kids in their hands, I just began the process – they planned what they want to learn, how they want to, learn and how much, Initially I was very excited to teach history in my own style, but kids have chosen their own style and I am just a participant in the whole event.