History Expedition


Travelling is amazing education. Travelling together is even better. That is what are outstation trips – travel, see, meet, eat and learn. We go for roughly 3 to 4 outstation trips in a year. These trips can be anything from 2 days to a week long duration. Children together choose themes for the trips, then research places options and after deciding locations they further organise the trips.This time we have various themes for the year, first trip is on History.

We began with “what all we need?” when we are leaving, when we are travelling, when we reach the place, when we make schedule…..at each step we made list of things we need. Bus schedule, route, bus details, distance, food plan, what all to pack for food, what all to carry in bus, what all places to visit, where to stay, how much money to carry….the whole experience led to making different teams and dividing the preparation work.

Schedule team worked on route map, hotel bookings and bust details; Arrangement team worked on what all to pack, first aid supplies, how much water to carry, how much money to carry; Food team worked out food details. We explored fuel prices to know how much to spend on diesel. for our budgeting we worked each meal cost, to know the route map we selected what all landmarks to know to be sure that we are heading towards the right direction, to carry first aid supplies we had to understand what all medicines for what purpose and what are the alternate ways, to know what to pack we needed weather of the place…the day was filled with PREPARATION.

Only ONE question “what all we need’ led to us pondering ‘we also need to know where are we going…we all read about history, traced centuries, imagined how the place would be…with loads of excitement we all are ready to go on our history expedition.