History alive


The Trip to Chitradurga was not to teach History but to experience History. Kids had all kinds of goals “from shapes in the fort to layout of the fort”.

Well, when kids came to know about that Hyder Ali, father of Tipu attacked the fort 3 times,…………….Kids were perplexed…………..British attacked Tipu, so they were enemy and here Tipu and his father were enemy? So who is bad, which enemy is bad? Is it enemy bad or animosity bad?

One fort, one trip and many aspects to discover – what is moat and why? How they did RWH? Where are the mud houses? What culture? Why such small houses (in caves) for soldiers? 200 years to make one fort, how one can sustain the goal for such a long time? And why make forts? How gunpowder was grinded, and the technology behind that was a point to ponder? How Obava could have killed 30 soldiers, all alone?…………….The history came alive with the visit to this fort.