Highly recommended science book

I believe one of the bestsciencebooks is a fat blank book (preferably with TABS for categorization)
  • On each page the child starts with a question (eg: How rains happens)
  • Further on that page the child writes down all the possible questions related to the above question (eg: why it falls at an angle, why sometimes small drops and sometimes big drops, what kind of clouds give rain, why it rains more in some months and less (or no) in some months, what happens to the cloud after it has rained, etc)
  • The child does not write any answers – atleast thats not the requirement (so the child can write or draw stuff that the child wants to – but essentially the book is MY BOOK OFSCIENCE(QUESTIONS). Per se there is no need to know the answers
Another suggestion is to have a group book like above – whoever gets a questions about anything – that question is asked and written. All the questions added in week – are just discussed at a particular time slot in the week or discussed over lunch and dinner. More questions are constantly added.
Questions are more related to what is happening around – in the env or world (news)
Eg if somebody falls sick – All possible questions related to that are documented and discussed. Remember it is not a text book, rather a context book
The idea is not to KNOW science but to ENJOY science.