Healing with Zenona


“Body is self correcting – it heals by itself” this was one of the learning

Just the possibilities that there are many ways of healing ourselves – Illahi, Reiki, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Flower therapy, Unani, Pranic, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Naturopathic, Yoga, Sound, Aroma, Hydro, Angel therapy, Fish…

Anupriya shared her journey, her insight and her wisdom which she has collected in her journey of healing. Anu, a Neuroscientist, when she fell sick, she questioned why am I sick? What is wrong? Allopathy was not the answer. Her search led to exploring various healing processes.

For three hours some of us were engaged deeply in understanding healing and ourselves, while some of them were just listening. Curiosity to know or rather eagerness to understand and work on feelings was very prominent during the session.

A lot more was heard during the session – some of the key words we take forward – feelings, block energy, flow of energy, first thought in the morning, geometry and frequency, geometry or shape to protect yourself, circling, pyramid around you, feel protected inside, cosmic energy, physical body, pain, emotional, mental, thought level, affirmations, energy healing, spirit, finding who you are, nervous, angry, sad, energy, body posture, anger, Grief, worry, fear, joy, goes up, goes down, all around, shake in fear, hands are magnets, nine energy system, amazing healing, too much joy, vulnerable to fall, centered, peaceful, joy, passive anger, active anger, holding inside, external appreciation, visualisation, placebo, fear, intuition, pain is information, past life, curiosity, detached, morning exercise, opening energy, joy, heart and possibilities.

We left with a sense of newness, hope, and energy to know self a bit more.