Harry Potter and the Order of Feelings


Aarohi was abuzz with Harry Potter mania a while ago. It caught the fancy of my then 6-year-old daughter. Since she couldn’t read these books yet, she was learning about it by what she heard. So, one day she declared she wanted to buy the ‘Harry Potter and the Order of Feelings‘ book. I asked her, “maybe you mean, Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix. Phoenix is a bird.” I went on a rant about what Phoenix is. She then patiently explained, “amma, you know feelings? feelings, like sad, happy, scared? that feelings.” I realized why should I correct her and take away her happiness of discovering? So, I played along. Little did I know that I would soon make a precious discovery.

After a couple of days, we happened to go to a second hand book shop. As soon as she realized she was in a book shop. She ran to the shop assistant and asked for the ‘Harry Potter and the Order of Feelings’book. The shopkeeper smiled and gave her a copy. She turned to me and asked me to read the book.

So, here’s what we did. I sat in the shop and read the first 20 or so pages of the book to her. I tried to figure out the “order of the feelings”!! You pick a character, then read the 20 pages or so and note all the feelings tof the character, in the order in which it happens. There you have it, “order of feelings”. Fun way to read a book, right?