Hands on Multiple Intelligence


Offering to as many children – from the surrounding villages – an environment, opportunities and invitations to lead their own learning, thinking, development and destiny,we go to Government schools during weekdays.We want that, without any value judgment of socio-economic or geographical background, open learning reaches all.

In one of the session, we explored multiple intelligenceusing our hands….We saw posters and also watched a video on MI. Initially, kids started with writing about their hands. They wrote anything that comes to their mind about hands. Then as a team, they created different structures using their hands. Few made house, few made a circle, few made a flower, few made a snake…It was amazing to visualize… They also worked as a team and produced music with hands. Few also came up with some math calculation that they can do with hands… few talked about how they do abacus… Reciting the 9th tables using hands was exciting and enjoyable. Then kids very keenly identified what all they find in their hands that are similar to things in nature… few said tree, sticks, root, lightning….. Then in different teams they made circles holding hands of their neighbors, they sat and stood together at the same time, each team trying to include the ones who had missed sitting or standing together. Finally, each of them sat separately with closed eyes and rubbed their hands and slowly parted them to look out for the different sensations that happen around their hands. Few shared their experiences as well…. Then they reflected on the different feelings they had through facial expressions. This session was magical!!!