Habits of Mind – Celebrating


Imagine when you get up in the morning you see a map on your mirror – a map of habits of mind. You randomly choose one of those, say perseverance. Now whatever happens during the day, in your you focus on perseverance.

You voice your thoughts aloud, “I wish I was more perseverant with the bargaining at the shop”
You invite thoughts via questions, “What would happen if Chota Bheem was not so perseverant in fighting with the dragon”.
You throw challenges, “I am going to win this match – lets see who is more perseverant – you or I”.
You spot it in your behaviour, “I was persevering when I was discussing about my homework or whether it was a goal or not”.
You live to explore perseverance, for a day.

Imagine next day when you wake up, you choose another one from the map of habits of mind. And this daily diet of exploration is the way you enjoy collecting, playing and creating understanding about each habit of mind that is important to you.

Pick a card and throw in the circle from a distance….some tried again and again ( persistent), some got irritated( giving up), some tried different ways (creative), some made their own strategy (solving problems), asking questions ( seeking clarity), Trying (self belief), did it again and again ( patience), Started in time ( punctual), Giving chances to others (sensitive), Try again (pushing limits),people coming in between (adapted), commitment, open minded, self belief…just a minute of play and we exhibited all these HABITS of MINDS!

Celebrating “Habits of minds” this week…becoming aware of variousHabits of mind inside us!

Habits of Mind (HOM), what are they? Are they habits our mind makes – how I eat, how I speak. OR How our mind responds to – when in a challenging situation, when receive a feedback, when stuck in work, when interacting, when in a new situation, when confused, when in group, when alone… Are all these capabilities inside us? Do we meet them everywhere, do we use them many times, but do we recognise them? Are they our friends? Lets see

Compassion to cook our favourite dish after a long day at work,
Open to feedback sharing “apologies to my team for my over reaction in sports”
Working hours together to get that dimension right for the wall,
Precise to get that cut in carpentry
Perseverant to solve problems while repairing laptop
Singing/ practicing classical music on top of voice no matter who is passing by
Applying past knowledge to understand how to take calls and convey message to guest.
Responsible to design wall for our table tennis room
Thinking Interdependently when cooking new dishes for the first time
Striving for Accuracy, to get exact sizing in clay pot
Taking responsible risk, baking marble cake for the first time with all new ingredients, recipe and fire oven
Finding humour when missing makes
Imagining and Innovating, when solar panel not working
Managing Impulsivity, when teased for being fat
Responding to the feedback when asked to re-write the notices
Express feeling, after screaming
Adaptability, to work in a group of people with different needs
Sensitive to others to switch off light and and not make noise for someone who wanted to sleep early
Communicating with clarity to understand travel detail for upcoming outstation visit