Gratitude for chefs and waiters

I was working in kitchen lab this week. Every meal we were using 2-3 tubs full of utensils for cooking. At the end of the day the child who was working with me shared with exclamation “Manji akka washes so many vessels in a day, me washing only my plate after meal does not feel a big work at all!!!”.

Today in Kitchen lab, me and the child were taking orders for breakfast and we had various options – plain french toast, masala french toast, French toast with only onion, egg without salt, only omelet, veg french toast, egg paratha, veg paratha…………..each child was giving their own orders.Initially they all were coming in kitchen and ………………I want this, for me this………..and it was chaotic.

Then we announced “If you all wait patiently and place order only with one child, we will be able to serve you better”There was peace after that – kids waited for their order to come. Child who was with me in the KItchen lab – took each order with diligence……

I experienced the other side of restaurant – I could relate to the chef and the waiters. I was disturbed when others were screaming at the child for wrong order –I was not at peace when they all wanted their food to come fast,I was not able to work with peace when they were came and stood in the kitchen and wanted first,I did not get satisfaction, when few did not express their needs clearly.

When they all waited patiently – it helped us in serving better.When they were not fighting with the child (waiter) – it helped us in serving with love.

I am all set to be patient in any restaurant :-).