Government @ Aarohi – First Draft

During the open house session we explored what is “government”. We began with sharing what we know about government – rule, take decisions, team of people working, take care of city, do repairs……………..,Then we pondered what government we have at Aarohi – kids shared

  • It is our govt by us.
  • We can choose what we want to do and how we do.
  • We take decision for self by self and for the group in group.
  • We bring change for self by self and for group by understanding the needs.

The question came up “who all are the people who help in running Aarohi?” Kids went around, called people, parents to understand what role do they play. Another question came up “ where does the water comes, from who pays for the fee, who decided the salary of care takers……………?

One child shared “so it is not only what we see makes the government, it is many teams of people who work behind Aarohi and they are also part of the government”. At the end all kids wrote their individual thoughts on the government and at the end we complied. One the question came up “what is compilation and what is comprehension”. We spent some time on “comprehension” and complied the group’s though in one paragraph. Here is our first draft

Aarohi government is controlled by us and it is for us. All members can choose and have freedom to choose own path. Freedom only comes with the responsibility. Aarohi is a learning center where everybody takes part in different kinds of work to run the system. Aarohi is a community where everybody is learning for self and taking care of self. Aarohi government is like a team and like a family working together on goal of learning. Team of Aarohi is hard working. Aarohi government is teaching us to work hard and do different kinds of work.

I am enjoying understanding about government with children’s SARKAR, it is more that I am learning with kids then I learnt till now about the government. I rarely talked about my rights and duties. I never tried to understand what makes a government. No wonder I LOVE being with kids. I get benefited, they are my teachers. They are AMABLE. And they empower me.